Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Story of the 'after sum2' !

From left top ( Gary, whose that?, Khek, Sze Wei, Jeremy, me, Diana, Noris, LieoJiun)

-the crazypeople- top left ( Victor, Leong, Jeremy, LieoJiun- face kena covered, Sze wei, me and Diana)

16 JUNE 2006 - 10.40am
HURRAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! wahhahahaha bong bong bong!!...weee!!!dingdong!!!waaaa!!''
Summative 2 is over...........!!!!!!
Me and Diana - happy happy! hug hug! kis kis!
LieoJiun, me and DianaSaur!

Aihs..but still ...EOS is 2 weeks away... sianzzz....
gotta start studying in no time....

Sometimes i wonder why ... why i chosed to do this thing.. this studying-like-crazyass punya bidang...ish ish...aku ni..tahu la tak boleh study, nak ambik jugak course ni..
Nola, i love medicine! Its the bestest best!.. agree?

Haha, we took pics and after that almost all of us rushed to the elab to do our AIR!
This Diana lar, said its due at 12pm...actually its 12am... -.-'
Eihzzz, and later in the evening, we had a bbq at the pool side...
Adithia was the cook!..along with Jeremy, somemore who? err...sorry ...forgot...
In another side was Lydia ( Tukang peel banana), Naomi and HanYing(Tukang membuat banana dengan chokichoki chocolate kat dalam)....
Toobad , i did'nt get to eat those chocolaty was all eaten by Jeremy ;x cuz i went to up to see tv ( one in a million audition show)
i ate all that meat bbq .... everything that is put infront of me... i wallup it all...
don't care bout d others...coz i was hungry!...sorry others... hihi... but in the end not full oso..grr..

Had a great time ler with friends are my world!
oh and in the midst of the bbq, Lieo Jiun and Noris went up to LJ's apartment...
haha Noris threw eggs and squids down to the bbq pit !.. so bad!.. but i donno whether it landed in any of them... but i could see their curious faces looking up wondering who was doing it..
We ( me, HanYing, Diana, Leong, Victor, LieoJiun, Jeremy, Rachel, Sze Wei, Gary, Yau) managed to catch 'The Omen' at 12.15am..

It was the second time i'm watching this unhappy ending movie..... kinda boring..could have slept..but ... hmm..nevermind...

We went back to our apartments at 4am after eating at mamak...
Diana slept with me ... haha..and guess what we did last night?.. shhhh...

In Midvalley at 12am woohoo! from left Rachel, me, Dy dy (Diana)

Jeremy buat lawak ;p
17 June
Today is the day after my summative 2...kinda boring..dunno why..
but must appreciate the day i don't have to study with alasan 'after exam' least one day rest right?

watched Diana out of my apartment...den sat on my bed thinking what to do...
at last..i took the initiative to take the broom and mop my floor! for heaven's sake chingli, u have'nt been sweeping ur room for ages.. ;o
it was around 11am then....and u know what?..suddenly my mood got so rajin that i swept and mopped the whole apartment!..till about 2pm! ...argh...felt so proud to actually clean my floor that hasnt been cleaned since the first time i shifted there..;p dirty me and dirty housemates(wat to do its victor and chiyuan = guys somemore -_-'')
Went to Naomi's apartment to kacau kacau..onlined there n wanted to play o2.. ended up chattin with old buddies..darn.oh ya..ate naomi's delicious fish and chips! thanks so much naomi !
Later that evening..went out to eat dinner with Lieo Jiun, Leong, and Naomi..
Everyone could'nt decide to we decided that Mc D was the best...

duh....chocolate sundae is the best lar Naomi! there u say strawberry sundae is ;p
Went back and onlined again..hehehe..this time wanted to write some blog but ended up playing my o2jam!..yay!..i made myself suffer by choosing songs and levels that are way beyond my capability to train my fingers to be stronger.. stronger stronger...............................
Played with jtechno good fren.. and he made me suffer even more.. argh..
Oh , and Naomi gave me Campbell Mushroom Soup to drink! ( wah, dam nice the soup and the fact that its so nice coming to Naomi's place and she being the host! ;p Dont scold ark Naomi leng lui ! hihi)

Har? Huh? She asked me to go to church tomorrow at 10am.... +.+ . .i dunno!!!
P/s : Hows my first blog?..anything to say?..comment?..compliment?..hihi...byebye~!
- ccudzie ching -

my first blog in 18 and a half years..yay!

just testing...