Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas break gathering

sharm, lishan, ching, huilin, steffie, ai ai.


Korkor's graduation!

My Guest Ticket

Joining the guests queue to go into the Whitworth hall, where the ceremony is held.
Kor waited with me, cause i was waiting all by myself. ;D

The beautiful Whitworth Hall.

Kor's friends.

Bachelor of medicine/surgery -

Han Sian Lee!

Han & Ka Xian

Han & Michael.

Michael, Stephanie, Ka Xian and Han

Me and kor.




Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Santa Dash Liverpool '08 !

Oh My.. Look at that ! Approximately 8000 santa lookalikes running about around Liverpool. and i was one of them!! hehe.. It was a good experience really.. and it was so fun running in between santas. yay! presents everywhere!

It was a fundraising event in conjunction with Christmas.. all of us decided to just go for it.
and we could finally wear a santa suit without looking silly!!

I look weird, struggling to finish 5k punya face. That's Lishan and HuiLin.

Hurray we finished the race!! and i was looking forward to getting that really really pretty medal!!
and .....there.....the fake snow in this picture.hehe.
I want it to snow. It snowed a few minutes in Liverpool a couple of days back.
but Scotland, even Leeds and Manchester has started to snow...:(
except Liverpool. argh.

The Asian Santa men, and their long white janggut. waha.

Even the dogs dressed up as Santa and joined us in the run!


Even Borat's brother was there with that stupid costume. Where's ur santa suit , Borat's bro? ish

WEEEEEEE!! me so happy. me won bronze! :P

The best medal !

Finished the run in about 35 minutes. We walked and we ran, took pictures whenever we could. yeap.

Selepas itu, kita semua balik ke rumah, letih tetapi gembira.


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The City

London is amazing. sooo big! I think i need a few days to walk every part of it, and i have to choose which places i want to see. But this weekend was jus for fun anyway. Auntie Maureen(dad's sis) wanted to buy me a coat for the winter! hee. so of course i'll go down to London to get it!

Well, anyway.. i walked the whole Oxford Street and Regent Street. hehe. I'm imagining the Monopoly game now...
The street was lovely.. the buildings.. the lights.. the crowd.. the many shops along there ...and then i thought to me self....................................................
Finally, here i am, in the City of LONDON!

and i met Lydia, my IMU friend, who is studying in St Georges Uni now down south. mm.. and im staying at my aunt's house up north! far far away we met... met her , Kuan Eng and her ex college friends. It was really fun... sat in Starbucks - chatting away.. and then we had dinner in Gold Mine at Bayswater. We had roast duck!:D nyam nyam!

This is my cousin's son. cute hor!!!

To min jie, how to spell Ster Ling's name? is it correct? haha.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Victor's and Aaron's

The Tavern Co. Mexican BBQ

Sharmaine, me and Birthday boys Victor and Aaron :)

Avier, Claud, Danny.

Flora & Joanne.

The three musketeers.

Avier, Dan, Joanne, Sharm, me, Aaron,
Shawn, Flora, Victor, WenWei, Troy, Claud.

May you have a blessed adulthood ahead.:)

Make sure u be more mature next year.
kidding la.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


It's not The kebab house we're going to by the way. hahaha. It's the one beside it we're going to.
We were at a Halloween Party in Baa Bar, Fleet Street.
but when we reached, we had to wait in this long stupid Queue! ARGH! and we were freaking late already!

Inside, it was sooooooooooo crowded!
there were Singaporeans, Hongkong, Malaysians and Thai people. cos it was a merged Halloween party. but there were other 'kuai lous' also. here and there..

It looks fun.. but it was too crowded, no place to put our coats and bags also. HMPH!
But just the thought of dressing up and looking funny, it's the fun of it !

I was dressed up as a Green Doll. :)

Pretty Sharmaine as Black Angel but she took off her hairband, and Cute Ai Ai as a Devil!

Sweetie Joanne as an Egyptian Princess.

This is Francesca as a Scary French maid. She's Lishan and HuiLin's Housemate. So nice of her to join us for Halloween.

Luv Luv.

Ushank and Rochana were here with us too! they came from Preston:).
Jody. Sharmaine.

Claud, Jo, Troy, Daniel, Aaron.



This is Pretty Helen from Hongkong! Nice wig ey!?

Best Costume of the day.
''Stewie'' from Family Guy. =.= Damn cute!

Muah!!! Lishan and Huilin in pic. Didn't take one with them alone.:(

HOOOOO....just pictures will be enough right?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Sunday 26 Oct.

IT means that all clocks go back an hour.
It means that we have an extra hour today!
It means that today we have 25 hours!
It means that i can sleep for an extra hour!
It means that i woke up at 10am when the clock shows 11am!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Footloose Musical

Last Monday, all 6 of us - Lishan, HuiLin, AiAI, Sharmaine, Troy and I went to watch this famous musical called FOOTLOOSE!!

Lishan, Sharm, and I wanted to go to this musical so much. And since it was buy One Free ONE ticket for the opening night, and we were really early in getting the tickets, everyone decided to experience the musical together! :)

It costs 12.95 for students. But we got it for 9.75 pounds per ticket, originally a 19.50pound one. So guys, if u wana get tickets to anything, get earlier!!!

The tickets.
Footloose, Empire Theatre, LimeStreet, Liverpool.
Monday Evening 1930. 13th October 2008.

This was the stage before the show started.
We had seats at the side area. But it was quite a good view i can say, i don't mind...
I wonder if cameras are allowed inside.
So i didnt catch any pictures of the performances, i dont see anyone taking pictures.

Troy, Lishan, HuiLin, I, Sharmaine, and Ai Ai.
Everyone enjoyed the show, even Troy! He was like, '' Not bad ey, i thought i wasn't gonna like it''
The musical was really really good and entertaining.
The hot actors and pretty actresses, the cool dances, the choreographys, it was all a great one.
Especially, the songs ' Holding out for a Hero', 'Let me hear for a Boy', 'My Mama says', and of course 'Footloose' were excellent, i could sing along with these songs also.. +) so happy!
Thats all,
I think i'll be watching a few musicals here in Liverpool.
"Flashdance", "Riverdance", is coming soon. Even "SwanLake" ballet. *claps*