Monday, June 02, 2008

Dai Guan Shan - 代官山

DainTi Hill = Dai Guan Shan = 代官山
i know u wonder why i can write chinese words. hehehe.

This place is awesome.

The deco looks stunning. looks like a place where guys bring their girls out for a date.. but why not bring all ur friends to enjoy 50% discount with the My Style Voucher which is only RM3.50 an sms! We had our own room how cool is that? thanks to YamYau.

The thought of paying only half price for what u eat, makes u wanna order more right?

and so thats what all of us did.

besides ordering the main course,

which is not that the delicious lar. even they dont even know how to be creative with the names of their dishes. ish.
we had: top left, Crab Mee, top right, Mongolian Mee, Unagi Steamed rice. i forgot the names lar actually. sorry. didnt seem like something to be remembered anyway. All about RM11 after halfprice.

I had Beef steak Rice, i actually mixed it up already. so it doesnt look that appetizing here. but it was sooo filling and quite nice lah.

and the top 2 pictures are my appetizers!

Mushroom Cheese , omg, i loved it! must try k! (Highly recommended) RM8. u can share, so its rm4 ;p

and chicken wings! rm4 after discount!

50 % discount! ! ! !

so greedy i was, that night.

the others had Sushi. Huge Sushis. i shared too. ;D

The girls. Sadly, First time going out with some of them after 2 and a half years. Apple, JC, ChengLing, Fish, Xiao fen, me, Han Ying, Naomi, Rachel, Sey Yan.

and Diana, who went to buy J.Co Donuts.
think she went for 30 minutes. -.- i just hate that long queue.

while we were taking pictures......... concentrating hard....

Poh Peng, CHinese Chess King, and Sree, the prince? oh no, the Foosbal King!

Wun Leong, our Badminton King. referee'ing here.

sigh, if only i knew how to play chinese chess.

and lastly for dessert..................the super duper big Mango Ice Blend!!!!!!

Shared by 4 of us, then only we can finish. phew... brain freeze brain freeze. i love Mango! all of us do!

that night, It is all especially for Keat Seong. He turned 22! Happy Birthday!

Keat Seong = Butterfly = Superman = robert? what else??

The cake's from Lavender. Cheap and nice.

Keat Seong and Rachel.

They're both going to Seremban. so sweet.

Mike, Tuckylam, Naomi, Fish, Keat Seong, Sze Wei, Cheng Ling, Rachel, Victor, Xiao Fen, JC, Sey Yan, Harkeerat, Poh Peng, Rooney, Leong Lup, Yau, Ming Lin, Ngie Chang, Diana, Han Ying, Sree, Wen Leong.

代官山 (DingTi Hill)

Pavillion, 6th floor

Beside TGIF.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Mikey, i can see u la.