Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Sunday 26 Oct.

IT means that all clocks go back an hour.
It means that we have an extra hour today!
It means that today we have 25 hours!
It means that i can sleep for an extra hour!
It means that i woke up at 10am when the clock shows 11am!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Footloose Musical

Last Monday, all 6 of us - Lishan, HuiLin, AiAI, Sharmaine, Troy and I went to watch this famous musical called FOOTLOOSE!!

Lishan, Sharm, and I wanted to go to this musical so much. And since it was buy One Free ONE ticket for the opening night, and we were really early in getting the tickets, everyone decided to experience the musical together! :)

It costs 12.95 for students. But we got it for 9.75 pounds per ticket, originally a 19.50pound one. So guys, if u wana get tickets to anything, get earlier!!!

The tickets.
Footloose, Empire Theatre, LimeStreet, Liverpool.
Monday Evening 1930. 13th October 2008.

This was the stage before the show started.
We had seats at the side area. But it was quite a good view i can say, i don't mind...
I wonder if cameras are allowed inside.
So i didnt catch any pictures of the performances, i dont see anyone taking pictures.

Troy, Lishan, HuiLin, I, Sharmaine, and Ai Ai.
Everyone enjoyed the show, even Troy! He was like, '' Not bad ey, i thought i wasn't gonna like it''
The musical was really really good and entertaining.
The hot actors and pretty actresses, the cool dances, the choreographys, it was all a great one.
Especially, the songs ' Holding out for a Hero', 'Let me hear for a Boy', 'My Mama says', and of course 'Footloose' were excellent, i could sing along with these songs also.. +) so happy!
Thats all,
I think i'll be watching a few musicals here in Liverpool.
"Flashdance", "Riverdance", is coming soon. Even "SwanLake" ballet. *claps*


Friday, October 17, 2008

Hip hip Hurray

This is my 101th post !

i miss u, daddy mummy jiejie kor kor and yangkifi =)

im fine here. really happy here. so dont worry about me k!
Hope my yang yang gets good marks in his final exam!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Last weekend, went to PRESTON to visit my 'kor kor' (big bro) . feel so happy seeing him! :)

Preston is basically a very very small town. like kuala kubu bharu (KKB). haha :P

but at least there is 'Topshop' there. hhehe.

My English breakfast on Sunday morning!
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee these!
Bread, bacon, sausages, beans, mushrooms,tomatoes and egg!

On Saturday night, bro and his 3 housemates held a housewarming party at their new house.
We had BBq chicken and pork! I cooked some of them! and it did'nt burn! oh yea!
and games and talk talk talk whole night! It was so fun.

Got to visit my friends from IMU also. Ushank and Rochana! the Sri Lankans:)

Jane June, Fleur, me, Amelia, Simon from HK and Voreak from Cambodia. all of us are 3rd years!

Bro dealing the cards. We played 'ring of fire'! A card game... go figure..

The party went well. Everyone was laughing away.

Korkor and his housemates. Kaz Yan, Siew Lai, and Nick.

Korkor's bedroom. Theme: White and Black.

The living room.

Mummy, u asked me to show a picture of korkor.
Nah! his cheeks abit fatter only! :P

Byebye Preston on Sunday night!
so sad.
will come back soon.
cos the house is sooo comfortable!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

the other side

Last weekend, we took the 5 minute train to Wirral, which is a Peninsula accross the Merseyside river, the other side of Liverpool. Yup, north part of Wirral area faces the sea, so they have the beach, the pretty pretty beaches and blue sea.
In fact, they even have a ''Wirral Walk& Cycle about'' brochure, that guides us to walking tracks and cycling tracks as well.
At first, we all planned to cycle a track - rent a bike, and cycle and also walk 2 pathways ..

but we didn't get to rent a bicycle anywhere in that area. that was so, so disappointing. they said the nearest place to rent a bike is at Chester. =.= that is like 1 hour from there. apa la!
so we decided to walk 3 walkpaths! thats what we planned lah early on that day..

and most important of all...
2 macho man from GLASGOW came over to Liverpool!
and my dear dear JIUNNY!
Jiun wanted to surprise me at first, but didn't get to.
sigh, his surprises always 'tak jadi' at the end.
aww... nevermind:)

In the train to Birkenhead station.
Jiun and Sree at the back..
they were shocked when they came,
they said we girls are so happy-go-lucky...
happy laughing all the time:D

River Mersey, Birkenhead and Liverpool - the words in BOLD.

WALK ONE - Mockbeggar Trail
Starting from Moreton Station, which is the northern part of Wirral.
We had to follow a never-ending footpath between trees and bushes..
''are we on the right track?'' i wondered. ....
well, i was the navigator... so obviously i'll be abit paranoid!

But we managed to reach the road! Phew!

The long and straight road to a lighthouse, called Leasowe Lighthouse. which i dont really know what so famous or nice about it. Take photo only lah!

You can see Troy at the back there, always and forever disturbing lovely pictures. :P

You are... you are my fire...
Backstreet Girls!
Missing one - Li shan!! The Green girl!
After getting to know Lishan for one month, she is so damn damn damn super obsessed with the colour GREEN.
oh my god, u really cannot imagine how she is so into GREEN!
Go green!

And the beautiful sea.... overlooking the Liverpool bay..
This picture was taken on timer, behind us.

Just imagine if we actually looked back and the camera is not there. mati lah sudah.

Lucky us, it was really a hot, sunny day.

Hot, hot day.. and we finished that walk along the coast after 1 hour and a half.

WALK 2 - Red Rocks Trail

Feminine jumps!

& Troy- Ninja turtle!

Please note: Danger - this walk should not be attempted at high tide.
hmm, i should have guessed...
its gonna be at a bigggggg area of sand.

hmm....... and did i mention 'WET-muddy-makes ur shoe dirty kinda SAND!

arghh... didn't want to continue walking on the sand for one hour.. .. but ah what the heck, since we're all here,
let's just walk.

and we walked like 30 minutes on this stupid brown land! =(
our shoes were turned into shoes brown muddy bases.

we finally reached our destination!


Windy oh wind, sunny oh sun.

Red rocks.. red rocks red rocks redrocksredrocks...

we got fed up and decided to continue on our Journey to the west... :)

Troy's smashing kick kicks the pollen everywhere! This shot's cool right! ?

We passed the dunes at Red Rocks Marsh Nature Reserve..where there were thick reed-beds, supposed to see toads and colourful dragonflies, but didn't manage to.:(

we ended up at a beach called Dee Lane Slipway crowded with windsurfers and canoeist.

and we rested for a while, eating yellow bananas and red apples. duh!

Walk 3 - Thurstaston Common Trail

Ching Ching at the pathway to the Thurstaston Woods, and continuing to the Thurstaston Hill, where we can see the breathtaking views of WALES!

I know everyone was tired, but we were still smiling happily. hehehe.

Stopped at the travel centre spot.

when Lishan and HuiLin went to get some maps, we waited on the bench stoning.

I was tired. but i could still go.

Due to majority's decision,

because it was going to be 6 in the evening, we decided to call it a day, and have a good dinner. YAY!

So we went to ''Farmer's Arms'', a Restaurant Bar.

I ate LAMB Steak! =D

Arrived home about 8 something, tired.

Terus slept.

but waked up hungrily for some KEBAB that night.

Thanks Lieojiun dear for coming down, really really appreciated it.

9 hours journey from Glasgow was totally tiring i know...

I'll come to Glasgow when possible k!

Miss ya.


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Boat that was steamiing..

To mark and celebrate the end of our 4 week introductory posting in Royal Hospital!
It was absolutely fun and beneficial, and also it was sooo relaxing.

And now, we have to officially join the 3rd year medical students here, no more slacking, like back in IMU. but still not as stressful as back in Seremban. hee.

We had the chicken soup Pot ! -------------------->>>
for those who cannot take spicy food..

<<------And the Kimchi soup pot !!!
which was actually not that spicy after all...

and Troy's weird face! haha.

Red shirt guy. His name is Jody. He is our 5th year senior here, always making people laugh with his non-stop talking mouth. haha! i'm so baadd...erm, There was another guy, also a 5th year, his name is Shawn. but he is not in any picture, none, so sad...:(
Troy,Gaik Min who is resiting 3rd year, Sharmaine, Stephanie, Ching, and AI Ai.

10 people came. but we bought food for only 8 people. so obviously, there is too little food right?

to our surprise, there were too much!! we were all complaining that we were too full, till our stomachs were gonna 'pau cha' soon! sorry for the language.;p

and we decided to cook the left overs for the next day's dinner...
we cooked 'mai fan' the next day..hehe. nyamnyam! enough to feed 7 people somemore. lol.


It's all free! hahaha.

Goodie bags from fresher's fair. from bank. from the medication company booths at the Royal hospital .
hi hi hi.

Pens Pens Pens.
3 Pendrives, 3 badges, a pink whistle, an IQ toy, a Malaysian keychain and ''durex'es''.
A bottle of cute highlighters, oranged energy drink which i wont drink,
and sweets and lollipops and chocolates!

A small mirror, a 2009 diary, a notebook, a Thesaurus and a Engish Dictionary!

Pretty silver keychains..


Jack Daniel's playing cards!