Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Starceleb sis

Mark and Min Li , winners of starceleb
..and the two winners of starceleb is............
Mark and Min Li.
She won! I can't believe it!
i'm so proud of you, sistah.
Thank you, my friends who voted for her and enjoying all those splendid vouchers =)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A must watch: Hana-Kimi

A japanese drama called

A must-watch japanese serie.
I'd always oppose girls who watch all those korean dramas and japanese dramas.
But, now i would have to join them. =)

I feel so good after watching this drama!.=p
The drama is based on the popular manga Hana Kimi. The look alike from the manga to the japanese actors are amazing.
Its not about the heavenly good looking japanese guys there.
It's everything about the show.
The storyline.
The love scenes and romantic scenes.

This drama is about a Japanese girl in the U.S. who idolizes a boy, once high-jump champion and decides to move to Japan to attend the same school as him wishing she could get him to jump again.
She has goes to an all-boys school, so Mizuki disguises herself as a boy to achieve her dream of being with her idol
And the one reason was for a boy to live his dream once again
yet funny.
BUT, dont forget to check out the hot hunks there
i wished that series did'nt have an end.
i want it to continue till... no tills..

Horikita Maki as Ashiya Mizuki.
Mizuki, the willful and flat-chested heroine of the series who flies all the way from the United States to Japan, withstanding the challenges that await her as she delves into the world of an all-boys’ school just to meet her idol Sano . She does'nt really look like a guy in the show but oh well, its just show.

Oguri Shun as Sano Izumi.

A strong and athletic guy (thank goodness for athletic men) who is well-known for his abilities in high jumping. He is abit anti-social, but he and his machoness makes my heart glow. hee.

Ikuta Toma as Nakatsu Shuichi.

The fun and quirky soccer-loving character who provides much of the comic-relief in the series. He becomes infatuated with Mizuki and is in constant battle with his feelings of BL (or so he thinks). so cute falling in love with a guy(girl) and making himself think he is not gay, but at last he accepted his feelings.

Kamikawa Takaya as Umeda Hokuto

The school doctor who finds out Mizuki’s secret right away (thanks to his BL-ESP), and acts like an older brother to her .

Mizushima Hiro as Nanba Minami.

The sexy and flirtatious leader of Dorm#2. SOCUTE!!!!!!!! No.1 in my list thou not one of the main actors.

mmmmmmuacks! Heres another picture of him.

This is Mizushima Hiro.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Director: Chingli and HanYing

OSCE movie copyright from Eternal Flame into Eternal Clerking.

Friday Nacht 2007

Done by Caryn Koh Hooi San.

After 1 and a half month of preparing for the annual Friday Night, it was finally over. Relieved, i did'nt do anything the next day. Truly one helluva night. Just one night! and its over. argh.. kinda disappointed though.
Being one of the committee members, performance coordinator, i realised the importance of sub committees. lol. furthermore, renal exam was one week before friday night, that made the workload even more. the girls; caryn, hanying, naomi, fiona and me had a hectic week. with lieo jiun and yewlou too. and also de jun and esther.
not enough performance, too boring performances, no pharmacy dances, auditions too late, choreographing, buying materials, blablabla.. all at once. ...phew.... its over.

The Logo done by one and only Tan Lieo Jiun.

Friday Nacht 2007

Organised by m106, chaired by Tan Lieo Jiun.

The opening performance by the army girls. guess who? just look at kin chern, hamsap lou. haha. The idea of stepping out from the audience seats was by Caryn. Law of attraction. Eyes stumbled upon us while we hurried to the stage for the rest of our dance. This picture was the ending pose, no.. it is the picture of us going to pose. Naomi's not ready! I am! The audience complained that the umbrella dance was too short =( but for your info, we were supposed to dance with poles, but one of us said it is abit too slutty, emm.

The army girls. with the statue of Friday Night done by Lieo Jiun& Yew Lou.

The rest of the night was more to musical performances. Bands by Thank God You Can't Hear Us, Stripped, Basement static, M106 powah, and Kaya. Kaya was not exactly from IMU, they were invited by us, Aakil is one of the band members and he is superb in his electric guitar.

D'fusion, a hokkien song played by betapa banyak instruments tau? m106 is so cool. haha. keyboards, trumpets, drums, saxaphone, violins, and backups. it sounded great what more with Zherlin's sweet voice.=)

Not to forget Gary and Han Ying's performance with What I've Done by Linkin Park.i got emo.

Something was missing, we should have put some transformers scene there.
Fashion show by Sem 1,2,3,and 4. i didnt have a cam! if not i've taken with every semester's model. hmph. only got hold of sem 4s.

Hercules and Siti were the bomb!

and last but not least, the new eligible bachelor of m106, Han Chung! amazed us with his magic skills. i wanna say that i liked his performance alot. it should'nt had been the last, but he made me put him the last. hmph. The snow, ah, love it. thanks, han chung.

Special performances by Htin Aung, who called me only on the day itself! i panicked. and he demanded that his performance was to be at 8pm. a!!! He sang a lovely home town song from Myammar.

Jo Perera& Jennifer Perera stunned us with their fusion dance. fusing their sri lankan dance and cha cha. i cant get their steps. too complicated. hurray to them..!

The committee members of Friday Night, some are missing. Aditya, Zakhir, Yew lou and De jun.

The joke performance of the night although i did my part good=p


Backdrop done by Yew Lou and Jiun.

Thanks m106 for staying back. we really appreciate your support for that night.

Thank you.


Christmas Week 2007

The choir performance with 'the heart of christmas' as the background. Fantastic display.
The christmas week was fun! We had the 'Jingle in the Jungle' , a safari of small animals. i get to carry a snake! omg.. wheres the pic? arh... with im not so sure whose cam =(
then there was the christmas celebration day where we had performances; a sketch by the lecturers, mime, choir, band performances. hmm.. and then free lunch =)

The parade of lecturers with their costumes. so cute!!! look at the star light star bright...

Inside the hut built by Geoffrey and 2 other guys. Beautiful ey? Indeed it is.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

RENAL exam

Why they gave us so tough questions?

Thursday, December 06, 2007

In the library

Sailormoon anime
Mitral valve stenosis ( fish mouth appearance)


Kevin, Han Ying, Victor and i were sitting together at a table. chatting and studying as usual.
Suddenly, breaking the silence..
Victor : i like girls who smiles and laughs with eyes in this shape ( he shows a semicircle)

Me: eh. yaya!like all those girls in anime..
( everyone started laughing)
Me: ( stoned)
Me: what?? correct what..hmph..

Later after 5 secs,
Kevin: eh, like the mitral valve stenosis picture. Neh, the fish mouth appearance!

Everyone: What?????

Kevin: yes yes! that! the valve closed together like that shape ( he draws a semicircle)

Everyone: LMAO... drop dead bursting out with laughter..

Victor: haha if u tell that to a non-medical student. they won't freaking know what u're saying..

Everyone: YA LARRRR!!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Miss World 2007 CHINA!

Miss World 2007

Miss China, Zhang Zilin, has been crowned Miss World 2007 in the Chinese resort of Sanya, the first time an East Asian contestant has won.
Miss Angola came second and Miss Mexico third at the beauty pageant.

Do you know that Miss China is the tallest among the beauty queens? she's 23 years old with the height of 182cm! She definitely appeared much much taller than the others on tv. she was like 190cm there. Her limbs were long, her fingers so slender and slim. She looked like a marfan syndrome girl. wtf im so bad! she is pretty.. and smart.

Miss Malaysia was'nt bad too. She was beautiful . but didnt make it to the Top final 10. mm... bias.

The beautiful Miss Angola, and stunning Miss Mexico by her sides.

Miss World 2006 . Last years winner from northern Europe. super sexy and busty.
So happy Asian ppl are getting prettier and prettier. wee!

My bro.. singing~~

More songs to come by My 6 year old bro~
eg; Sweet Escape& 4 in the morning (Gwen), oliver twist, Home ( chris daughtry), Somewhere out there(american tale soundtrack), Still Loving You (Scorpion)

''Not funny'' video

THe boy is so cute. especially the last part. he was so angry with his father ! hahahahhaha

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Slipped away

The pictures, the camera..
WHat am i to do without my friend, my camera? god...
I left my camera somewhere out there. Poor baby camera alone somewhere with a stranger=( I got back from the AIDS thingy at SAlOMA by bus and i remembered Han Ying giving me back my camera just before we got onto the bus. After that, i cant remember a thing. and the next thing i remembered was when i wanted to see the pictures i took. THe pictures of divali nite, the Aids event, the photography contest there; lieo jiun sent in 4 entries which all was in top 20. hmph.
in no time, i called Mei Ann to call the bus driver. and he said that he didnt realise anything in the bus. So , i had to wait for the bus owner to go home to check his bus. He called after 6 hours. and yeah, i panicked for 6 hours.
BUT, to no avail. he called and no camera was to be found. o sigh...

i couldnt do anything else, except to search my whole room and the hall.

if anyone is having it, saw it .. (i doubt it thou).. ill be soooo happy and grateful if u do.

to my Lovely OLYMPUS, where are u ?