Thursday, May 27, 2010

I miss... u.

I miss the good ol'days, when everything is just so easy. Waking up, without alarm, but by my mom's voice 'Ching, wake up' and I'll be mumbling, and complaining without fail. 6.30am!! how did i ever wake up that early. Now 8.45am is too much for me, even. 10.30am is best for me.

Anyway, I'm just thinking of how life is gonna be .. a years time, when i start working.
No more Lectures :(
No more ''Hello I'm a medical student, the doctors has asked me to come and see u''
No more saying I don't know for simple things.
No more standing by the side in the OT, dreaming zzz
No more .. no more..
I dont know how to be a doctor.

No, first.. Pray.For.Me.To.Pass.
Can't wait for 5th year. the post-final final hurdle.

I miss my high school girlies.

High school mates.

I heart IMU-days.. :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A little more

i am really.. sick of studying! i want it to end fast.. QUICK QUICKK!!

anyway, i've just finished my palliative care rotation, could be more better, but finals is near, couldnt really get much out of it. WAsted:( i think its my only Palliative rotation in my LIFE!
i cant see myself talking to patients who are going to die, and i cant see myself in this kinda place. so.. yeah.
DID my solo and group presentation, did alright. DONE
AUDIT presentation to GP . DONE.
SSM allocation, NEURO in WALton! DONE!
login cases to SPIDER 87 cases.

NEXT rotation, 4 weeks in PAEDIATRICS! WOOHOOO!!!!

and after that it's FINALs! woohoo after that POST FINAL PARTTYYYY!!!