Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Durian Durian Durian

TeeHee. Daddy mummy elder younger bro Padmi, Uncle Steven and Alison.

Durian Hijau-145 diJUAL!!

I'm not sure whether its the durian season now...Went to Beserah, which is a lil outside Kuantan town, to a durian orchard. Huge trees! with tineey wineey baby durians on the branches.. and large durians ready to fall..
Banyak jenis tau? Durian-durian kat sini.
Yang i suka ialah Durian Hijau 145 lah, yang paling special kat sini.
Tried alot of jenis, Durian 101, and etc.. i forgot .
The owner have his own strategy. Usually, the not-so-nice-taste durian will be given first, and then the will give the better ones, and then the best for last before we head on home. so that we'll always have the best durian taste in our mouth. not the lou cha one.
Interested? next time i bring u here k?

The piranhas grabbing the durians.

Yang kifi, my mum, and me.

Durian-durian yang sedap dijual di sini.

Elder and younger bro. dunno what they're staring at..
Elder bro is going back to Preston in UK to work. Preston is 45 mins from Liverpool! yay!

My lil' bro emo'ing.....hmmm..

Tips: To wash out the durian taste in ur mouth and the durian smell on ur fingers, fill the durian rind with water, and rinse ur mouth and wash ur fingers with that water. TRY IT!


Monday, July 21, 2008


Flying to UK

30th AUGUST 2008!

4.00 am

Friday, July 11, 2008

The end of IMU.

Like what everyone says,
holidays has officially started.
not really for me.
i've got toooo many things to settle. 

renewal of passport. not settled.
email of registration to Uni of Liverpool. not settled.
Offer letter received?. not settled.
Visa. obviously not settled.
Letter of good conduct. Not settled. Not signed. Not posted. 
Flight ticket. Not settled.
Accommodation. Not settled. Have to send confirmation letter by snail mail. have to be signed by guarantor. aaaaaaaaaaa...
Shoppin' for UK clothings.. Not settled. later first.

Friends beside me are all settling already. except me. stupid passport is with my mum in Kuantan. i forgot about it. blame me. anyway. offer letter hasnt reached yet. gotta do it fast next week.
Dundee people are going off this week, Chunseng Vivian Hweiwan, gonna miss them dearly especially vivi -(, the sweetest girl in IMU.

Tomorrow will be visiting Penang, with the rest. staying at Yau's or Rachel's or Leong's i guess.. and and and also to Langkawi! This will be the last holiday before all of us separate our own ways. emo. 2 and a half years pass by kinda fast. Just when i started gettin close to some of the people in my batch, sighh..
EOS 5, i was kinda confident this time. But as usual, i burst into tears after receiving my lovely results envelope. 

Before results, we all basically did everything we could do. shopping in Mega sales!, watching all the movies we missed, paintball, Karaoke at Neway, Asia Cafe'ing, Counter-striking.. blarblarblar, hmm.

I really gonna miss M106. 

Before results. 


After Results!!!!
The Lucky reds...

This is the best piece of paper i have ever seen. 
Congrats me.
oh yeah, ah ha....oh yea congrats me. * dancing around*
mm hmm..

haha and Congrats everyone !!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Guardian Angel..

Our( Leong Vic& I) duty.. after EOS 5 was to paint this pathetic wall..
also my dear JIUN helped us paint the upper wall.

QUESTION: Know who did it?
Take a guess first.. :D
1. Can u see the bottom left ... there is a heart , and a LY that stands for Lup Yik =.=
2. And also the top middle there.... not drawn or made on purpose.. if u see carefully, it is a monkey staring at my roooommm.... it is my Guardian Angel!
3. see my beautiful room at the back ground?

and now.... its GONE GONE GONE!

anyway.. lelong le long.. 
i have a wardrobe for sale.. RM 150..
Book rack RM45
Bed side table RM10.

price can be negotiated if u are my friend. ;p
anyinfo, visit
or call me.

and lastly...
Answer: there were many paints.. pelakar tins on the floor..
and the naughty leong, just came back from lunch, kicked the tin..
well and so he thought it was closed.....