Friday, February 22, 2008

American Idol Top 24 elimination

Sad for the guys.
Happy for the girls.
Amy Davis and Joanna was my expected bottom 2 yay!
Colton was'nt in my bottom list, he was at the top. :(
hurray for Garret Haley! haha. he looks like a girl anyway.
* Ching li is crying for Colton * - - - -- - - sigh. he's so cute...

American Idol - The Ladies

Kirsten Lee Cook, 24 - Rescue Me

Sweet, pretty farm girl. very nice figure. but her dance was not that encouraging. :) her legs always wide apart, like 'kangkang' all the time. didnt like it. also an average singer. but i like her name!
simon says her performance was robotic.

Joanne Borgella, 25 - Say a lil' prayer
A plus sized model! could be better for a plus-sized singer then.. Simon says he didnt like her performance.

Alaina Whitaker, 16 - More Today than yesterday
a feel good song for me, joyful. average pretty face again.. simon says shes very good.

Amanda Overmyer, 23 - Baby Please Dont Go
A nono for me, with her rock style. a nurse somemore. i dont like that. cool trousers though. Simon says shes good, pure authentic.

Amy Davis, 25 - Where The Boys Are
Her face can be a witch. haha. boring song choice. sang a 'scoopy song', not a perfect song for a non-country song singer. simon says she's boring and dull.

Brooke White, 24 - Happy Together

I love her. i think she's lovely, so white and pretty. not bad vocal. loved her when she played her piano and sang at the same time in the auditions. :)
simon says she sang the perfect song!

Kady Mallloy, 18 - A groovy kind of love

Shes the Britney Spears look alike and also she can mimic her voice! wow! damn good! but average performance by her. Simon says she was singing in ''the night of the living dead''. omg wtf

Asia H' Epperson, 19 - Piece of my heart
such happy song. very good. very good. she has this sassy sexy type of voice. Simon says it was his favourite that night..

Ramiele Malubay, 20 - You dont have to say u love me

My favOURITE! her vocal was superb.. and i love to see her pretty face.. simon says she outsung everyone!

Syesha Mercado, 21 - Tobacco road
Probably one of the most talented among the girls. has so much attitude. i love her since the day i saw her sang with her sore voice. wow. she got it!

My top 2 are Ramiele and Syesha
My bottom 2 are Joanna and Amy!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol - The guys

Since i have nothing to blog about, i decided to write about my favourite season of American Idol!
thou its none of my business lar.. haha.:P

Chikezie Eze, 22. - More today than yesterday
Compared to the rest, not in my top list. But a very good soul singer-type of vocalist, cannot deny that. Simon says he is old-fashioned, and hated his outfit. Haha. Me too. an orange suit? no way.. no no no!

David Cook, 25. – Happy Together ( The Turtles)
Very nice, charming personality. i like him. Perfect song choice made into his own school rock kinda. Simon says he made it almost believable into changing the song.

Jason Yeager, 28. – Moon River.
Oh so lovely, so very lovely, a decent look oh so clearly.

Sentimental touch. Hehe. Simon said it was... NAH!

Robbie Carrico, 26. – One

The rocker. Did not impress me that much with his rock style, and song choice. Long messy hair similar to Bo Bice in the previous seasons. Simon questions his authenticity. ( ???)

David Archuleta, 17. Shop Around ( The Miracles)

My favourite boy! :D actually my favourite very favourite! he sang a cheeky song. makes him look so adorable. Young, talented, confident, bubbly, likeable, charming and cute! Simon says ''When you got it, you got it. Best performance of the night'' aaaaaah

Danny Noriega, 18 - Elvis's jailhouse rock.

dont know really. kinda boyish but at the same time he has feminine sides too! abit gay!

like the way he talks, very funny! loved his performance.. Simon says he did'nt pulled out the Elvis look. duh!" cuz somebody was'nt likin' it ! "

Luke menard, 29 - Everybody's talking

He looks like Orlando Bloom to me. to me, he didnt make it. Bad song choice, boring, no arrangement. ordinary singer. Simon says he's forgettable.

Colton Berry, 17 - Suspicious minds by Elvis.

oh, I love him! He looks so english. my favourite!! something in him attracts me. young, cute, cute. aaaaa! so sexy !!! He looks like an actor who i cant recall the name. Simon says his just a young boy, not a recording artist kind.

Garett Haley, 17 - Breaking up is hard to do

looks like a girl to me with his long curly blond hair. ordinary performance, will get a boo from me. * giggles* Simon says he's voice is whinny, boring, and looks terrified. ( hehe)

Jason Castro, 20 - Daydream (The Lovin' Spoonful)

A very very very very extremely GOOD guitar performance of the night. applaused by me. talented and charming. he looks like some talented guy who would play on the street, just to sing for people. so sweet looking!! Simon says it was the top 2 performance of the night. mine tooo!

Michael Johns, 29 - Light My Fire

Good vocal. an ordinary charm. didnt really like him. just average. Simon says he is the most consistent and has a natural charisma.

My Top 2 are David Archuleta and Jason!!!

My bottom 2 are Chikezie and Luke!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Singapore Turf Club

NOW this is one hobby i might take up when im filty rich in the future as a successful aesthetic surgeon
*dreamy eyes* ....betting on horse races!
During our Singapore trip, my uncle, mom's bro, took us all to Turf Club, supposedly only taking my dad. but we all insisted on going along too. who would'nt miss a chance to go to the famous horce racing spot in Singapore, where all the rich and famous ppl go to. maybe if lucky, can meet jackie chan, or edison chen. haha.
So the whole afternoon of 'chor yi' , we were spending our time experiencing when, what, which, and how people bet on horses.
There are a total of 10 horse races. with every race about 7 - 11 horses competing. Dad, sis, bro and i took the opportunity to bet on the horses with some tips given by my uncle and his friends. since they're the ones who can get tips from the people there. really got tips! poor public, they have nothing to rely on.
but at times we could'nt be bothered, we bet on horses by their names and colour. well, thats what me and my sis do. bro and dad will mengkaji the statistics of each horses. but every race we bet, we lost. my family has really no luck at all. sad. we lost bout 80 dollars! and my uncle's friend won 770 dollars....... =_=
anyway, i wonder why people just love to gamble.
but i do. i dont know why.
Singapore Turf Club

Bro, sis and I mengkaji'ing the records written to choose bet on them.
Now, we shall go to the betting counter.
oops, sorry wrong counter, its the counter on the left.
the right is for bets above 50 dollars!
we have only 10 dollars per bet!

sis and I

Bro and I. and horses getting ready for the race.

Number 3 number 3 number 3!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaa!

despite all the shouting, look where horse number 3 is....
second place!
from the back.

THIS is the field where the horses walk around the field, parading themselves for the public to pick their favourites. they usually look at the size and built of the horses. means that they must be light and strong at the same time...

according to my uncle, if they never pangsai and they ate alot before the race, they usually have no chance of winning, and likewise..... so thats how they control abit of the results. more bets, more monehhhh $$$$....

and do u know why horse races cant be held during the night? its because there will be shadows, and if the horses see their own shadow, they'll get afraid and go insane!

Thats my uncle at the left most.

Blessed with money by the funny-looking-lean 'CHOY SAN YEH'.

and blessed u too!

Happy CNY!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year

I am so happy now.

back in kuantan after such a wonderful trip to KL and Singapore. had my reunion dinner with my relatives in KL the night before the day. and off to singapore in the morning of our chinese new year.

HATE to travel on the first day thou. traffic congestion on festive season !! argh.. lucky me, i'm not the one driving, so i was basically asleep and eating my favourite keropok ikan for the whole journey. hee. *munch munch*.
and back to KL on saturday, with sunday spared for the annual cny visits.
wonder what will chinese new year be like next year.
will i be in aussie? or UK?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chocolate splendor..

From big apple, we present the Alien vs Predator donut!
To chocolate loveeerrrss,
Try it or u'll regret it..
-sweet, delicious, chocolatey, mouth-watering, dirty, teeth-blacker-

Monday, February 04, 2008

Flashing back..

ah ! and we're standing in front of my grandpa's ESSO gas shop! and i.. apparently, appeared to be the one being carried.. =)
this is chinese new year 1989.

in ss2 house.. im the tom boy there playin with the bike.. wearing hair band.


and this is chinese new year 1990.


I still remembered during Chinese New Year eve. My family and I will be at Kuala Kubu Bharu, just to visit my po po and my kong kong; my mum's mum and dad. and that night itself, my kongkong will prepare a big feast for this reunion. i loved his pak cham kai ( steamed chicken). every year it will be almost the same dishes but its ... great.
later that night, my elder sis and bro will play the fire crackers, and me at the side watching them happily. i was kinda young that time, scared of lighting up the firecrackers. i played the ' pop pop' though. haha.
but now there is less firecrackers to play with, later the police come and catch us.
in the morning, we'll put on our new clothes, wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year, and get our precious 'angpow' from grandpama and from my parents. then off we will head back to ss2, to continue our new year.
My "Ma mak'' (dad's mum) and the rest will be waiting for us at ss2. and also our cousins waiting for us all to ' hoi toi' . meaning to gamble! our favourite all time black jack. hehe.and also mah jong as well.! and then as usual... all the visits to our relatives in KL.

This year, my kongkong will be the only old folk. because of the lost of MaMak last Oct, all of us will not be celebrating Chinese New Year this year, because of our chinese tradition. Maybe just a reunion chinese New year eve makan with everyone.
My family and i will be going to Singapore for a holiday during this festive holiday. Not visiting or anything.. Wont be gambling much. sigh..
My chinese new year will never be the same again.
anyhow, its a cycle of generations.

Happy Chinese New year. !! =)