Thursday, April 30, 2009


Monday 27th of April
9am -
Shyt, why is my laptop making such loud noise?
*Opens Laptop* argh.. blank screen with few words.
*Restarts Laptop* Oh no.. stuck ... goes into a blank screen.... stuck for few mins...oh no...oh crap oh shyt.. now what.......
* call friend* *brought laptop to friend's place*
Afternoon -
Crap, my door knob ... crazy dy.. i can't go out of the room!!! help Sharmaine!!!!
*gives her the key to my room* *tried it* "oh no, cannot open, i'll go to the office ok? wait arr ching.."
*comes back* "struggles with the key*
finally it opened!! hurray !! *the technician came in* "hi, we just opened it!:) thanks!"

friend calls..
"Cannot be fixed, have to call the HP company see what we should do"

*checked warantee* yes, still under warantee!
*called hp guy* wait for 45 mins and a technician will call u back..
10 mins
30 mins
45 mins
1 hour
Hungry gotta eat dinner first.... *cooking*
*walks back to her room* "shyt, cannot open my door again" =.= *PENGSAN*
*goes to the office- not OPEN!* GREAT....
*calls the night manager... noone picks up.... calls the office.... someone picked up!*
"ok we're coming!"
*waits for few mins..........* noone comes...
*tried to bang the door bang bang bang bang OPENED!* hahahahha... LMAOROTF
office manager never came....

back to my laptop....
10 hours - still no technician calls back..

24 hours ( 1 DAY)
*ring rring!!* "Hey, and so what's wrong with your computer?"
blablabla................................ hmm.. okay, i'll send u a new hard disk and a recovery disk for u.. can i have ur address pls?" blablabla thankyou!
*hangs up*

what? like that only? :( i guess i have to ask my friend to retrieve out my SSM work!!!
*sayangs laptop*
*prays that her SSM work can be retrieved out.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... there's 2k words already!!! i dont wanna do it all over again!!!*

To be continued.....................

P/s: i got lau sai:( stupid nasilemak that day.. arGH!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

America's smart..

Anoop Desai
and Lil' Rounds
is out!
i Am truly happy!
Americans really know how to vote..

Bye bye dearies..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Milk chocolate!

"Falling slowly".. soundtrack of "ONCE".
This song is so amazing....

Just listen to it. It is just made up of 3 simple chords..
C , F and Am.
Oh gawd.. how can one compose a song this beautiful....
I wish i could!
I will try!

and thanks to Kris Allen from American Idol for performing this song.
Simple a brilliant performance, sweet and short..

Ah! Matt Giraud almost went out!!!... tq SIMON for saving him!!
I love him!! he chooses good songs.. songs that i love..

Adam Lambert, is just himself.. He entertains.. and he really is a superstar!
He should be the American idol lah for this season.. although i know some people despise him...

i hope the 2 girls goes out this week.. so evil!

kudos to the top 5 guys!! :D hee... plus ANoop and Danny.

SPAIN TRIP pictures coming up!
i"ve gotta do my SSM... and study for my finals!!

aw yeaH!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

HIIII from barcaª

hiii guyssss
im in barcelona now weeeeeeeeeeeee