Monday, August 27, 2007

some words for myself. (boring post)

i'll be going kl in an hours time. and holidays seem freaking fast for me. after everything -studying throughout the whole holidays is the worse thing, a great lesson to study harder the next exam. reluctantly accepting it. but i managed to enjoy myself very much in fact. though i missed the trip to Sabah with my friends...=(
..ah. chill lah! can go anytime right.. just makes me disappointed at myself when i see their pictures taken and im not there. *sigh*

hmm anyways! i did what i wanted, entering the Cleo cover girl search 07. hehehe! love it when they ask to pose, then we ubah abit here and there. and then snap*! and your pictures are displayed on the screen. and their editing pictures program ... awesome !!!!!!!

ah.. cant wait to go back to uni, miss all my friends.. cant wait to hug and kiss them =p
i'll be back to uni on the 3rdSept.. doin endocrine system.. which is a short system.
IMU cup 07 will be on.. and i'm gonna join a hell lot of sports. i love it. k let me see. cheerleading the ultimate one, squash, snooker, tennis, volleyball, netball, foosball, not sure with swimming.
might cut down la. i'm crazy. but i just love to be busy. instead of lazing in my room. doing nothing other than watchin tv, or watchin anime, blabla. but
Ching li will be studying every night consistently from now on. yes... i will..

Ching li pens off......

some pix of the photoshoot..

Friday, August 24, 2007

Wellcome to the Royal London Circus!

i know i know i know, dont u say anything! its kinda kiddo right, to actually go to a circus especially when im turning 20. so the old school. but i tell u, its really truly super duper exciting + fun! i laughed and was amazed at every stunt. mm, my mum got for us the VIP seats so we could see clearly and not strain our necks if we were sitting far behind. sis, her bf, Yang, Charmaine and Nicholas( cousins) came along. the whole performance lasted about 2 hours plus. there was an interval in between - my mum said ''smart.....ppl will buy more food, popcorn, candy floss, and also the big colourful balloon which we bought for Yang"

but near the ending yang got sleepy, his eyes shutting and opening and his head almost fell off the chair!

ok anyway here are more pictures and videos at the circus!

The intelligent elephant kicking the ball with its trunk and also holding a bat with its trunk and batting the ball ! but i dont have that pic.

The top spiderman, saving the princess. These two were incredibly flexible! Like their bodies are made of only elastic tissues. hee.

Look at that! The trapeze!

Look carefully..... They are standing on top of one another. The donkey, the dog, and the monkey and running around. the monkey is holding the jalur Gemilang. no ideea what the black dog is doing here.

Me, Charmaine, mummy at the back, Yang and Nicholas.

Me & Sis & the big blue balloon~

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