Saturday, September 29, 2007

IMU Charity Run on 8th Sept 07

too much to write. too much to say. i'll shall start with imu charity run which i think erm............ was a success?? somehow i feel nothing about this event, maybe cause i was not part of the committee or any event.

the fun part was the games booth.. the kiddo games.. wonder who created them haha. thats all i did that day . =D

1. leong's throwing the slipper into the hole game; which i was quite good in the morning and scored quite alot. but in the afternoon failed to even put a slipper into any holes. ok thats terrible.

2. victor's throwing the pingpong ball into the tin; i collected alot of points here. thanks to vic~ muacks

3. de jun's throwing the pingpong ball into the small lil cup on the wheel of fortune which i thought was the toughest. so i skipped that station . De Jun and Kaj so evil. they just wanna collect money. haha.

4. david and ellice's aiming the pencil into the small neck bottle. this was the best station. got the most points there.

5. a station which u have to aim and throw paper planes. Many ppl cant. but yau was amazing here.

Something to say bout the food fair?... erm, not much.
i spent rm 16 in games. the rest i don't really know where it went.

ok, lastly, the haunted house was really truly unbelievable. I WAS SCARED.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

busy =(

after imu cup... this blog will only be updated.
because ching li is not free. muacks!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Finale night of m207 Orientation

savouring the chocolate mud cake in midvalley. wah. yummy tasty delicious. the flavour just stays in your mouth and you'll love it that very moment. try it. trust me.

Event: Finale Night of M207
Theme: Gothic
Date: 29 Aug 2007
Venue: IMU
Time: 8pm

kajen, james, min and i went to sue wen and pui fun's apartment to finish up our make up for the gothic look. all of us were actually abit vain la honestly. haha. but we had fun fun! pui fun!

the night was hot and stuffy in the hall because the stupid air con wasnt on. we were late and the food was half finished. we had no place to sit. but i was there just to dress up. haha. wasnt in any interest to watch or anything. but suewen and puifun's group 5 won the group performance! i was so touched by the romance drama. i almost cried. no.. actually i cried. haha. damn!

well anyway, we cam whored the whole day. =p and mafia'ed tillmidnight. i say group 5 is hot and cool. haha.

Pui fun & sue wen and i!

~~~~The supreme poster~~~~

Top: crz, kaj, sw
Bottom: ching, min, james, fun