Saturday, March 28, 2009

Body soc dance Show 09

Body Soc presents Bodysoc Dance Show!
Stanley Theatre - The guild Fri 20th - Sat 21st 09. Tickets 5 pounds!
all proceeds donated to Cancer Research UK& South African Ballet Theatre

The dressing room.
should'nt be taking a picture here, later can see girls naked!
don't be surprised...
u can see naked women in the changing room of the gym swimming pool all the time!
very weird la!

Dancemates:) The 2 girls at the left cant dance:P shh!

We practised once every Monday at the dance room for 5-6 weeks.
Though it's quite lousy still.. haha..
but who cares?
I missed class super banyak.. haha.

The one and only gentleman in the performance! haha..
Irish dancer!

He is a damn good Irish tap dancer!

Getting ready for our performance!
The Britney dancers!
We danced to the Britney Spears song - CIRCUS!
*hearts bokbokboks*
The person incharge of the stage performers was so fierce... which is good!
Cos we were all so noisy.. woopsie!

Oh ya.... Can see? I am the only purple shirt girl!!
hee.. The special one.. HERO...

I am inside also!
But i dint take a picture of the costume!: (

very cute!

Just some pictures I stole from my fren's facebook.
This is a dance with Lady GAGA - Just dance.
i loved it!
super energetic! i love the song!

Some break dancers during the dance..

Bye. lazy to write la..!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Liverpool Oriental Singing Contest 09

organized by the Hongkong Society.
Held on 20th March 2009.

I went thru the auditions before that, in which i sang 'Umbrella' acoustic version with my guitar. :) don't know whether there were a few people who participated or maybe i was quite good to go thru the auditions, cos i did'nt do that well, kept playing the wrong chords!
8 people went through the auditions.. ta-da!

all i know .. there's 3 malaysians:D , and some hongkong(hongkies) and chinese .. not sure.

VOTE for No. 3! Ching Li Lee!
NOT Ching Lee Li!! arggghh!

The judges.
who are also students of course. The guy is Wan Phin from Malaysian Society, the girl in the middle is from Hk society, and the girl at the end if from China, and she is studying music or something.

and the Emcees! :) Helen and ... Danny..

Contestant No.1 is Fifa Safar , from Malaysia! She sang Destiny by Jim Brickman.
She was quite good i must say. go Malaysia!:D

Contestant No.2 is Heidi Yue, her song was quite dull, or maybe because its a chinese song, and i dont listen to many chinese songs. but there were no high and low pitches in her song.

Contestant No.4 Jayson Lau, had a really good voice, well controlled. But lack of personality i think.:) cos i forgotten about him after a while. haha i'm the judge in my blog! shh!! weee...

Contestant No.5, Jay Murong, he has an artist's name and he looks abit like a superstar.. like a Chinese superstar. he is from China by the way.
he is good :)

Contestant No.6, CiCi Ren. Who is the CHAMPION of the night. Can't say much about her, later i get whacked! but shh... i thought she was quite bad at first. but lots of people said she is quite good.... hm.. maybe i really don't know how to judge chinese songs... :(

Contestant No.7, Shawn Foo! from Malaysia!
5th year medical student from IMU as well! :D
He sang Broken Vow by Josh Groban.
He had the opera kind of voice which sounded like Josh Groban. He said the judges told him he lost to the champion because of his outfit ( no black coat on ). wat the... He got SECOND! I would much prefer him to take the crown..

Contestant No.8, Sonia Li.
She is quite pretty :)
and she sang When you believe by Mariah Carey. pretty hard song to sing.
She managed the first part of the song PERFECTLY. the tone of her voice was brillliant! but when it got to the high pitch part.. she was not powerful enough to pull off that song. sorry. She won FAVOURITE CONTESTANT by votings from the audience!

CHING LI LEE! .. Contestant No.3!
She sang Before he Cheats by Carrie Underwoods.

I thought i was gonna embarass myself on stage. but lucky thing, everyone complimented me!:)
How i chosed this song? ... i scrolled through my karaoke playlist, and then picked up a few songs to sing with. And this song really made me feel good. i didn't wanna sing a slow song anyway. don't have a voice that can sing that type of slow powerful songs.
The song i chose actually needed a much more powerful voice, with the loud music in the background ... Lucky the mic was loud, so it makes my voice sound much louder! :)
But after i watched my own video.. i dont like my voice la:( so pitchy!!!!! practise more girl...!

The contestants.
P/s:I am the girl in purple blouse now getting ready for my Bodysoc performance in Stanleys Theatre. which is 20 steps away from this stage.
There was a Bodysoc CONCERT which is a dance society that night and i was also participating in that event!
So i was running here and there that night..

Sonia Li receiving her prize for Favourite Contestant of the night.
Ps: Now i am dressed up in black. for my Can Can dance:)
it's not all black. just that inside out the skirt has frills and we supposed to hold our skirts up!
can see our legs!

Ching Li Lee = 2nd runner-up!!!!
and earned 10 pounds! i dont have my picture of me receiving the prize. so sad:(
Shawn F00 - 1st runner-up! CICI Ren - Winner

Committee members: Cherry, Flora and I.

The committee.. Helen, I and Ken.

Hui Lin and Ai Ai and Jody came to support Shawn and I!
thanks guys. appreciate it.