Sunday, April 27, 2008

the last dance..

Some pictures from the IMU BALL...

pretty ladies all in a row..

the vista/library/movie gang..

Joshua.. a very nice gentleman from Sem 1

Anne.. the hottest that nighte..

Jade Liew.. our IMU IDOL!!.

Caryn, Kevin, me and kajen. Ball King&Queen nominees.

and the PRESIdent of IMU BALL 2008! De Jun!

The Best Dressed Female. Christine

Ball King and Queen. Kevin and Caryn. They looked stunning together.
and this is it. just wanna post pictures. lazy me.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It was before Sem 5

My god..... i've been so busy!!!!!!!!
It was a 3 day 2 night stay at Pulau Redang during the end of the February. I must say Pulau Redang is a very peaceful, clean... suitable for a nice short getaway with our buddies. Peaceful u know why? we went at the off peak season! where there was no bikini girls or any hot macho guys to be seen walking around the beach. haha. so all we see were .. lets say about less than two groups of friends there.? Peak season is around April, May , June that time ; not the monsoon time. but we had more fun taking pictures at the isolated beach lar.. hee.
Let me count who went.. from left, Victor, Sree, Mike, Leong, Keat Seong, Rachel, Han Ying, Sze Wei, Naomi, Ching li, Jiun, Yam yau, Kevin and Caryn.
14 friends took a trip to Pulau Redang!
and guessed what happened??

at the Terengganu Airport. waiting for Caryn&Kevin's checked-in bags.

Mike was always our trolley pusher. thanks Mike love u!

Cam-whoring at the Redang Jeti. We all got to know this guy from Canada, but found him abit desperate for friends after sometime at Redang. cos he was there with his friend and that friend's gf. always elak him after that. so bad rite..

Me and Caryn were roomies!!!

K la, bad news... we only get to experience snorkelling for just one session and that was the first afternoon after we just arrived. THE WHOLE TIME AT REDANG IT WAS RAINING. on off on off... we were basically lying in our room... chit chatting.. singing.. dancing.. relaxing.. swimming at the pool, playing captain ball... It was fun also lar... but we would have done all this in ... a hotel in KL?

we wanted to go snorkelling! at the marine beach!..... grr... but the waves were too strong. the boats were rocking too hard, we sure tumble and get super wet, and drink that salty really salty water..

so for 2 days.. we did nothing but taking pictures.. =) and EATING! i think we ate nonstop la.. breakfast lunch dinner all buffet style.

and before we knew it, we had the news that there will not be any boat comin out or going into this island for the next few days. cos according to the weather forecast, the rain isn't gonna stop for quite some time. and that means we cant go back!! 

and the only options are to wait and wait... get a one night free room and the rest we pay.. 

or tracking thru the jungle to the other part of the island and paying 300 bux to ride on a helicopter. something like that lah.

Not to forget, for ur info, Redang was the beach they filmed to movie MOMO CHA. acted by Sammi Cheng and that stupid looking guy i forgot whats his name. In that movie, the island was really attractive. Oh and Redang is very very proud of that film, they have a channel in the TV of every hotel room on that island. so sweet!.. hehehe. so it is being played continuously.. 24/7.


i go study first.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Date: 19.04.2008
Venue: Park Royale Hotel
Dresscode: Formal, dress to impress.

Video done by Tan Lieo Jiun m106.

For more info on IMU BALL, visit

Imu Idol finale coming up!

banner done by Caryn and Kevin

It will be the end to our first ever Imu Idol this thursday night 17th April 2008 at 11pm.. the champion will be claimed as IMU IDOL and also receive two IMU ball tickets. TWO! oh god...  i wish i can win it..

After 4 weeks of hard work by the committee, which includes taking care of the voting booth, buying chocolates and sweets to be sold, updating the board, drawing banners, drawing posters and wallpapers, counting the votes, editing videos, interviewing contestants... phuh! everything will be back to our normal lives after this thurday. Sigh. Kinda de sad la, but at the same time, we have to prepare for our Sem 5 Finals!!!!! which will be starting on 30th June 2008. I am not ready at all now. not at all man.

alright something about this event, there were 21 contestants who made it thru the auditions. 9 on the first day of audition, and 12 on the second day. It was okay, just we had lil' trouble getting a venue. We always had trouble on that thou.

After about 2 weeks of voting from the public, as in IMU students lar, we finally got our Top 12 Semifinalist! So lucky, we had at least one contestant from each batch, maybe because every batch vote for their own batch, obviously. The semifinals was held on 7th April 2008, and each contestant was supposed to sing a song, either with a minus one karaoke song, or with an instrument. It went well, we had three judges, Joshua, IMU Music and Performance Club President, Fiona, Chief Judge of the committee, and Kelvin, the winner of a singing contest. It wasn't really a formal event, so we had jokes in between to create some laughters among the audience, u know? not so serious la right... after all its an underground event.

Semifinals judges from left( Kelvin, Fiona, Joshua)

now we're just waiting for the Top 6 finalist results on Tuesday =) 

and Finals will be on Thursday nite..

come support your favourite idol!

see u there!


Contestant #1 Choo Whelan   P108

The only dude from pharmacy, and obviously he gets the support from the whole pharmacy clan. He has good vocals. He sang Michael Buble's Everything in the semifinals.

Contestant #2 Chong Koon Hau picture ME108

Oh this guy, basically has all the chick's votes cause of his looks. =) He sang 'Lan' which means ''Mist''.

Contestant #3 Go Zher Lin M106

This guy from my batch is sooo talented. from singing to playing pingpong, basketball, blablabla, u name it..  love him.

Contestant #4 Benedict picture ME108

This guy is soo cute! He is chinese mixed singh. =) nice to look at and a very likable personality. he sang Knocking on Heaven's Door by Guns n roses with the electric! love it. rock on yo!

Contestant #5 Tiang Kor Woi ME108

In the semifinals, he didnt really do that well, because he didnt even have a song in mind on that night itself! 

but to me, he is one of the best male vocalist in the competition. He sang When you say nothing at all by Ronan Keating with the acoustic guitar.

Contestant #6 Lee Ching Li M106

This is me. hahaha. I sang Teardrops on my guitar by Taylor Swift. didnt really went well. 

Contestant #7 Izzat M207

What a mischevious performance he gave in the semifinals. He sang Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx, and he was singing it to someone. ekhem.. 

Contestant #8 Jade Liew ME108

She has the public's votes. She is amazing. Sweet voice. I am not surprised if she wins. She sang Somewhere over the rainbow & When You Wish upon a star.

Contestant #9 Wan Ming Hui picture     M206

He is like the most familiar face on stage. He will be singing in a band at almost every event :) he has his own style, rocker style. yeah babeh! He sang Angels by Robbie Williams.

Contestant #10 Goh Cheng Yee M206

He has one of the best vocals in this competition. But doesnt really stand out. He sang a Wang Lee Hom song

Contestant #11 Pei Wen picture M107

She is the only contestant in her batch. talented, can sing and dance. wow. She sang Before Your Love by Kelly Clarkson.

Contestant #12 Gan Wei Lin          M206

Love her voice.  She sang A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson.

me and Jeremy Lee, my guitarist and also the emcee for Imu Idol. cute cute? he's chindian!

date: 17 April 2008 Thursday
venue : LT2
time: 1845 - 2300
( f&b to be sold on that night with votes ! )