Monday, October 01, 2007

IMU CUP Netball

Date: 16th Sept
Venue: Family Park
Time: 7-10pm

Team m106. not completed. centre's not here, which is shazma who went back to sri lanka. now...

Centre: Nabila

WD: Megala & naazneen

WA: Hidayah & Roziana

GK: alicia

GS: Ching Li and angelene

top: megala, naazneen, alicia, angelene bottom: roziana, hidayah, nabilah and me

We were top of the group beating Pharm B and Sem 1. me and hidayah were on fire! shooting everyball into the net everytime we get it. wow! We got into the semifinals against Sem 3, whom we were scared of kinda, especially Sheah Lin. unexpectedly, we won them by 10-1! how delightful we were!

Finals was against sem 5. i could have beaten them. we were tied at half time. but we lost 7-4 at the end of the game. =(
results, m106 2nd silver for IMU Cup Netball!


darts? yeah darts... i do not know how to play. but our darts team had no players. James, the captain called me to join the team. so of course, here comes ching li the darts player.

darts is one of the hardest games in imucup. its by time that we will improve. i had to practice a day before the first match. lucky it was an easy win match for my team in the first match.

we got thru to semi finals by beating Sem 1 and Sem 5! we won Sem5 !!! and they had to be eliminated. awww... i thought they could be in the finals.

we lost semi finals, losing to Pharm A. and we lost 3rd and 4th placing to pharm B. how sad....
results, m106 is 4th in darts...
top: mui how, ching li, kienwei, kajen
bottom: ye min, james(captain) look abit dumbdumb in this pic, emily, jia yu
not here: james

IMU CUP Tennis

Date: 9th Sept 2007
Time: 9am - 5.15pm
Venue: Bkt Jalil GolfClub Tennis court

im gonna complain. y cant they make this tennis comp day a warmer or cooler day? or at least held it indoor?.......................................

top: aditya(cap), aaron, say
bottom: hanying, chingli, jade
not here: ivan

i got sun burn la because of the sun. it was burning bright, burning my skin, burning everyone's skin. we had to play under the hotttttt sun. god!
even with the umbrella i felt so irritated.

hee. but it was worth it.
we, m106, are the champions for IMU CUP 07 Tennis!!

nothin much to say. just felt extremely proud for beating the girls doubles of m205! they were good u know. me and jade were lucky that day=)

IMU CUP Volleyball

we practised the week before we started Sem 4. i love volleyball! and also our captain, Kuang Ye min! love her. she's responsible, caring and helpful. she never fails to teach us. ye min's the best.

volleyball is held at the basketball-netball-volleyball court behind IMU.
our first match was with Pharm A. what a disaster. we lost big time.. we were ants and they were like giants to us. really. every shot by them is a spike. but honestly, they're good. they were champions.

top: naomi, ten-ni, chingli, mei ann
bottom: lishan(vice captain), ye min( captain), shin ann

our second match was pharm B. we thought we could win them, but i think we lost our spirit half way thru. we won the first set. but lost the other 2. disappointment =(

thou our captain was sad, she cheered us up. thats what i like about her.

so results, we did'nt make it to the semifinals. but its ok.

m106 still rocks!