Friday, September 26, 2008

The Last weekend..

Thanks Daniel for treating all of us Dimsum! :)

One of the Super Lamb Banana's at Hope Street..

There is 125 of these statues around Liverpool.. all around... tourist or maybe students tend to take pictures of all 125 of them.. just for satisfaction that they have been the whole Liverpool.

And we went to this Hope street festival, where there were stalls selling food, and they provide samples for us to try, and being a Malaysian, we just eat the sample lah!

and also there was a tukang tilik, and really really weird stuff around.. also performances from girls with skirts, who kept on showing their panties.. =.=

And we had fun dancing in an Irish dance!!!

No picture of me:( i was in the front, but u can see Troy here.:) can see?


Monday, September 22, 2008

Daniel's b'day 20,21st Sept

We had TWO surprises for Daniel on the same day... Saturday - at 12am and the other during lunch hour!
We had to bake the chocolate sponge cake twice.. cause Aaron was afraid his cake might not be successful on his first attempt. So Thurs and Friday night, two nights in a row... Aaron, Sharmaine, Troy and Victor did their best for the bestest lovely chocolate cake. =)
It tasted really goood! nyamnyam! I probably dont wanna have the credit of making the cake, cos i think i just sat there staring at them :P
Yeah oh well.. Daniel was'nt really surprised by the first one lah.. cause ( someone went to the bank without his wallet and also left the chocolate sponge recipe web on his laptop) , and daniel came to check in his room. Lmao.
Aaron happy with his cake! How sweet, to make a cake for his good friend, Anis.
and the cake tasted great.. it did!

21st Anis sitis =.= with balloons at the sides, so called sperms la..

Budak-budak skrang.. ish..

Neh! Daniel! So touched by Aaron making such a lovely cake. hee. Poor Joanne, had to act like she was drunk, so that Daniel stays in his room before we came.. lol. She was so loud. I thought she was really high, hyped up untill gila dy.

And Daniel's shirt seems to be sparkling in every camera shot!

Daniel's shirt is sparkling again again!

Memang birthday boy being blessed:)

Cutey Joanne, pretty Me and sexy Sharm..:P

Aku dan Troy, budak ni.. aiyo macam small kid saja.. aiyoyo.
The next morning, another surprise, this time we had Sharmaine to ask Daniel out to "bersiar-siar'' ... bersiar-siar, so that we have some reason to get him out of his flat!
Daniel must be cursing Sharmaine for wanting him to bring us out.. haha.
and we went to a park at Everton.
Everton park? Noone knows whats the park's name ..
but we just went for a walk and took pictures:)

Aku dan Sharmaine

Don't know what they were doin, guess they were posing?

But just when i zoomed nearer, they did'nt pose.... =.=

Aaron's syok..

Troy still wearing his short pants, Dan the birthday boy, Ching, Sharmaine who loves PINK, and Victor loving his botakness..

Ok, this scene is... after Aaron inviting troy to roll down this field.. Troy went on to roll, but his shirt was white, so he had to exchange shirt with Daniel;p and so.... after rolling down...
Troy : " aiyoo... my head damn pain laa.. dizzy!! how to roll one u all?? crazy ar?''
Haha he is damn cute la. Like small boy..:P

and we came back to a surprise lunch for Daniel again... a feast was awaiitng us!:D
Dan's 4 siblings were here.. so sweet. family gathering =)
i miss my papa mama checheh korkor and yangkiki :(
Daniel dengan topinya... cute kan? :D
Happy 21st Daniel !!! :)


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Term is startin' very soon..

Brains and mind everyone, brains and mind...
First rotation, and i kinda got the toughest, i think..
Psychiatry and Neurology, it's so heavy...
but i'm happy, cause i love CNS :)

Will be posted to Aintree hospital, about 20 mins bus ride from here... or maybe Stephanie can bring me there..;)
Sharmaine, Daniel and Ai Ai will be doin Obs and Gynae near here..
Troy too but he's posted to Winston..
Hui Lin and Lishan will be doin Therapeutic and sexual health..
Victor, Avier, Aaron and Claud will be doing paediatrics..
No one is with me:( No malaysians i mean..
hope i do make some new friends..

Today i had to take a history...
this patient was diagnosed with Rheumatoid athritis this year..
He has swelling wrist, knuckles, ankles and knee.. and it is painful..
He can't walk far, he can't put on his own socks, he can't even eat with his spoon and fork..
he said he had to depend on his wife every moment...
his wife was there when we took the history. she was so nice, in fact i can see the love from her eyes , and care for her husband..
sigh.. such a nice couple..
i hope he gets well from his physiotherapy.

After takin the history,
i teared a little..

Monday, September 15, 2008

Till now..

1. A patient in the ward told the other patient saying i look like a small girl. Mr Steven Huges told me he heard them saying.
2. I drew blood from a black man, and i felt so happy and satisfied. It was my first blood drawn from a real patient:)
3. It was my first time taking ECG too, connecting the leads to the limbs and chest. It was quite easy, although the man was quite hairy. hah!
4. I went to Circus Casino to play Mahjong. :P dont worry, it was a fine and pleasant casino..
5. Currently, I'm watching "So you think u can dance Season 4'' The dancers are so amazing..
and ''Pride'' , a japanese series about ice hockey and love..

Food Food Food

It was our turn to treat them for dinner. We made Spaghetti Bolognese. Well, it's the easiest dish for a whole lot of people. and to be honest, it's fun to cook. :) hehe.
Sharmaine and Troy was the main cook actually. I just sat there this time, chopping, chopchopchop...

A group pic again as usual. This time, at our place!

(Joanne, Troy, Avier, Victor, Sharmaine, Claud, Aaron, Daniel and I)

Just some dishes we cooked these past few days.

Herbal chicken, vege, and omelette with mushrooms and minced beef and onions.


Nah, it's not herbal chicken. It's chicken with soya and oyster sauce.;p
the gravy is not so black right.. hmm..

Troy cooked Brocolli and Golden mushrooms, which both are my favourite..
and i cooked the Fried chicken!, which was dumped in flour before the egg. and it tasted super delicious! YAY! like KFC.:P Don't judge the picture ya..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our first meal.

Scrambled eggs, Brahim chicken and daging, and vege.
Just nice!

I cooked this!.

They said its 'tawar' :( but for me. its okay! maybe im so used to havin little salt in my dishes at home..

Dinner at Liberty Park

The Liberty Park girls, Li Shan and Hui Lin invited us for dinner at their place!
Their place is about 15 mins walk from our Capital Gate accommodation.
They prepared
Spaghetti bolognese!
Troy, Sharmaine and I went after our gym,
so that we'll feel super hungry for our nice dinner.
Dividing the Spaghetti to 6 plates.....:P we're posers.
Li Shan, stirring the spaghetti sauce!

NICE? Delicious? it WAS!

I feel like eating now:( . i'm super duper fast hungry in this cold cold place. i'll get fatttt soon...

Li shan, Sharmaine, HuiLin.

Troy, Me, Ai Ai ( she stays at Philharmonic Hall, in the uni)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Trafford Center rox!

Random shark at Trafford Center, a biggg shopping mall in Manchester.


Glory glory Man united!

why footballers don't play on Sunday? :(

Why blue jersey? they should wear their home colour jersey right.. hmph..

Kee fong, me, Angie, Lily, Troy

Went to Trafford Center to eat lunch, and where's the cheapest place? the foot court! yeah, my first time eating KFC here in UK. wanted to try the Kentucky Fried Chicken, which apparently is very tiny and yucky.

But after getting it, LOOK! the chicken quite big mah! taste not bad too, not as good compared to home though. Two chickens, few french fries, and a cup of coke - costs me 3.39 pounds. ok ar?

anyways, this is the huge food court, there was some roadshow going on on the stage, can be zoomed on the big screen. Some Smooth f.m roadshow i think... and


The host asked everyone to wave their hands to be noticed. - To get some gifts.

So the big tv shows this...... with the aiming sign..

Suddenly, the camera zoomed our table!!!!!!!!!!!!
to ME!

bloody helll.... i got a fright of my life! my heart was like ''duk dak duk dak''!
They asked me to come up on stage to receive my goodies!
but u know what, i kinda expected and i felt that i will be the chosen one.. haha.

This is Ching li! on the big screen..
thanks to Angie's camera shot. ;)

This is the first time i ever won something, i have never won a lucky draw in my life, and im here in Manchester getting pretty lucky ey?
hah! i love Manchester! I should have went into the Casino, maybe that day was my luckiest day. puhh!

The goodie bag contains useless stuff lar. Just the matter of winning it that counts.!
A cup, keychain, mouse pad, sticky paper, sweets.. hmm...blar blar blar.


A 25 pounds food voucher at NUI, hmm where's that? -.-

And 4 movie tickets at ODEON!


right above the food court :)


Monday, September 08, 2008

a weekend at Manchester

-The Wheel of Manchester-

Troy, Angie, Lily, and I.

Adults: 5pounds. Nah, we did not sit on it.

Yarrrr.. i know. i came to Manchester. yeah :P not my fault. It's no ones fault. we had to get our cooking utensils from Sharmaine's friend, Michelle from Manchester. We're too stingy to buy any. Pots and pans and bowls and laddles and stuff.. so this week we are gonna start cooking !!! we have been surviving with Maggi mee, bread, pizzas from Tesco, and 1.99pounds "Sub of the day" in Subway. sad right?

the two days Troy and I spent was mostly with Angie, Lily, Kenneth( year 4), and Kee Fong( m205).. Manchester is sooooooooo big compared to Liverpool - Obviously. Too many places to go to. So many shopping malls. but i didn'nt wan to shop,i had only 20 pounds in my purse, i forgot to refill me money, was in a rush to the train station that saturday morning.

anyway, it was not a big'a deal. i lived with 20 pounds for 2 days in Manchester. hee! we had dimsum with the seniors, steamboat with seniors and super seniors and super duper seniors, KFC, and i walked almost the whole city, and i went to Old Trafford !!!! ;D

Pictures soon, just a few now. my camera battery dieded after few hours in Manchester :( . lupa charge lah! aRGh. lucky Angie had her camera with her...

Manchester's China Town. The arch is not as big as Liverpool. neh neh neh! That's Kenneth at the back.

An exhibition in Cathedral Garders, Manchester.
there were many stations according to categories - cute, action, adult.

Lily and I.

Angelene and I

Kee Fong, Lily, Angelene, Sharmaine, Troy and Ching.
my feet hurts! i need a massage! i walked too much this 2 days. with my blistered toe, because of the damp sport shoes i wore to gym. le sigh. because of you, rain. i need to rest them tonight. tomorrow i have ward work in the hospital at 9am -)
And most importantly, thanks so much Angelene and Lily. I miss u all already, really :( .
Thanks for everything, thanks for spending the whole time with us, and thanks for hosting us - crashing in ur rooms.. come to Liverpool soon!