Saturday, August 30, 2008


One 500ml small mineral water costs 90 pence.
RM 7!!!!!!!


Just yesterday i was left alone at home in Armanee, my family's apartment in Damansara Perdana.
All alone in KL, packing for the journey to the West. While i was packing, sometimes i was crying, so i had to blast the songs that i love to sing to make me feel better. ;( why am i so sad? i should be excited !!! argh.....
Wait, first thing, must take a photo my hugey black suitcase. It's black, yeah, boring, but nevermind lar, no worries of getting it dirty ;p
Comparing big blackie, with the others.. the small lil' grey one was my high school bag last time!

Ching Li is inside!

Messiness in the hall... this is just half of them actually.

Ok, now since its all already settled, i shall tell u what i had been thru this week.

I had so much problems with my visa ye know? i didn't tell anyone of u guys, cos i was tooooo worried about it. My visa got rejected. and u know why? bloody shit... because i didnt give the July bank statement..... =.= i just handed up the April, May, June. and the refused the visa because they wanted the MOST CURRENT BANK STATEMENT. it was just beginning of the month of August la com on...... i was damn frustrated. and so i asked SAD charmaine for help, she introduced me to Hira, the MSL guy, the one who gave us the talk in IMU. yeah, he told me to reaaply... ;( so there it goes.. another RM 664.... and i applied on Monday, as in The week of my flight on friday.... crazy shit ey?

i waited the whole week.... Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri... hoping that the visa wil take 4-5 days. But on Friday, the day of my flight, it was still not yet ready to be collected! I thought it was the end.. i had to postpone my flight already. But lucky, Hira again, he called THE BRITISH HIGH COM directly!!! I was the luckiest girl alive, my visa was actually already approved, just it was not printed out yet. SO i went directly to British High Com, collected my VISA from the guard, which took just 5 minutes. efficientnya! better than goin to NFS. ;p and it was ALL settled......

AH! relieved...everyone was relieved, especially my mum and sis.i can finally leave Malaysia with Troy and Sharmaine.....

I can't imagine leaving to UK ALONE!

Thank you Jiun... for fetching me to KLIA, carrying my bags, and loving me sooo much.. and thanks for the ALDO handbag... it's lovely!!! love it!!!!

Thanks Jeremy, Noris, Leong, Diana, for sending me off.. love u guys so much. i feel like crying now... sigh...

and lastly, my family, mummy papa yangkiki and chehcheh, i miss u all. :( so much...

see my bro, he sprained his neck, seriously! thats why he has a sengeted head.

Everyone who came to send Troy, Sharmaine, and I off to the Emirates Airplane.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bopbopbop bop to the top!

Sooo excited for this High School Musical - The Ice Tour - maybe because i know almost every song in their movies, so childish ey, my lil bro and my lil cousin knows them too, so we were all in it together-gether excited about this event. my kesian mummy had to follow as my sis was'nt free the very last minute - her playwright was in the finals for a short+sweet plays competition. We went on Sunday 17/8.

They acted out High School Musical 1 and 2, singing all of the songs, but cutting it short lah of course.

This part was the '' We're all in this together'' dance. you can see gabrielle and Troy in the middle there, cant u?? I was gonna get up and join them in their dance, cos i took this dance choreography for my cheerleading routine.=p but nice!!! it was compatible with the stupid-too-famous tokyo drift song. hahaha. Go VENUS! I was lucky i did'nt tell any of the guys that the routine was from this movie, if not right....... they would have 'tapau'ed' me edy.

This golf course part was the ''Fabulous'' song, sung by Sharpey solo. Loved her here, this actress here was really so bitchy with her bitchy pink dress. i love Sharpey best !

Overall, this Ice Tour was not really that fantastic. they're basically just teens, lip singing and skating around, showing their skating skills. but for people like us, we had fun singing our hearts out. my lil bro sang so loud ye know! aiyoyo. he really loves singing.

Bro and cousin Charmaine eating popcorn, which doesnt taste nice at all. uek! not sweet and it costs RM10!!! Kena cheated.. terrible Malaysians.

when will you learn?

Thursday, August 21, 2008


ONE week
ONE day
NINE hours
NINE minutes
NINE seconds

more to go...

yesterday night i could'nt sleep,
it was dark,
it was raining,
and me, as usual,
i kept thinking.
kept thinking...
that im gonna miss my family soo so so so much..
i miss my mummy,
who cares about me every moment, and calls me every night..
i miss my daddy,
who gives me all the encouragement and positive thinking attitudes..
i miss my che cheh,
who sayang me so much, drives me everywhere in KL without complaining...
i miss my korkor,
who protects and sayang me so much..lucky that he's in Preston.
i miss yang,
who i love soo dearly..

and i miss jiun.. who i love so much...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ismail: The Last Days, the musical.

Most of us may not know who Dr Ismail is, not me of course.

Beliau adalah Deputy Prime Minister kita for a very very short while.

But his dedication towards our country has always been appreciated up until now.
This musical play is to remind us about him during his last days. where he fought for no discrimination among races, and no special status for the malays. He fought, though he had cancer.
At that time Tun Razak was the Prime Minister.
Hmm, you should read more about Dr Ismail. Not really sure of his background.

What a coincidence! that this play is held at this moment in our country,




Most important thing i wanna say is ,

my elder sis is part of this musical play, she is one of the assembles!!

You should come watch! She is amazing. hehe.
Jia you, Jiejie!

The musical..... loved it!

The stage. with the Bendera Malaysia flag.

The entire cast.

Jiun, me and sis.

Min li and Ching Li.

Ismail: The Last Days is still on! Don't miss it!
it will be on from the 7th - 31st August 2008 at KL PAC Jalan Ipoh there.
Tuesday - Saturday @ 8:30pm
Sunday @ 3pm
Tues - Thurs: RM40 & RM20
Fri - Sun: RM80, RM60 & RM40
Get ze tickets now!

can walk in to get tix also.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


I was reluctant to go back to Kulai with Jiun actually.
But now i'm here, it seems alright .
Very nice family, not fussy, humble.

just simple..

See ya.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Empty Apartment.

I shifted out from my Vista last wednesday.

So sad.

I miss B2-13-4.

I miss my empty apartment.

I miss my lovely messy master bedroom.

I miss dancing ballet in my lovely messy master bedroom.

I miss my bed on the floor.

I miss my private tv times.

I miss my ugly bathroom.

I miss my empty hall.

I miss dancing around the empty hall when nobody's at home.

I miss bouncing the basketball in the hall.

I miss punching the punching bag in the middle of the hall.

I miss kicking the football in the hall.

I miss making the wall dirty with the football.

I miss making Khee Chun irritated with the noises from our hall.

I miss drawing posters and banners in the hall.

I miss the statue of Friday Nite made in the hall.

I miss when some of us VENUS cheerleaders gather in the hall to make our pom poms.

I miss when some of us VENUS cheerleaders gather in the hall to choreograph our routine.

I miss the dark dark hall everytime we go home.

I miss the only one light that is working in the hall.

I miss the splash of green paint Leong made to the wall.

I miss my kitchen.

I miss cooking egg and cooking maggi mee in my spoiled-bulb light kitchen.

I miss B2-13-2 too.