Monday, November 19, 2007

Vote for #22 Minli Starceleb top 10.

It is a busy year for my elder sister, Lee Min Li. since Jun 2007, she has been into this reality tv show called Starceleb by My Style.

Starceleb is searching for the next star! in modelling, hosting and even acting. This reality tv show is aired every Sunday at 6 - 7 pm on ntv7.

The Top 60 roadshows was held on Aug. The top 24 show and now the final top 10. The grand finale will be held on the 29th on Nov 07 and the 2 winners which will get RM25,000 each will be announced then.

The lucky Top 10 finalist. from left: Chuan Ming, Frank, #22 Minli, Kim, Su Lin, Jason, Alea, Clavinna, Mark and Steve

1: Just type: e.g. “
my111 giordano 22
2: Send SMS to 33365
3: Obtain the mobile voucher via SMS stating the promotion (Valid for 1 week).
4: Show it to the cashier/waiter to enjoy your discount!

5. For more Vouchers, go to

come on my friends, vote for my #22 Min Li, so she could realise her dream of becoming a star!

Voting is on until 29th nov 07.

Min Li with Daniel Tan and May Wan, the hosts for starceleb.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Phing's bday party.

last month was Agnes Tang Phing Phing's birthday. It was at Sunway Lagoon! I cant remember when was the last time i stepped foot in that place. 10 years ago maybe? really i cant.
We had so much fun; riding the pirates ship which is something like discovery where it cradles 360 degrees!. and then there was the roller coaster where someone beside me was so so so scared he almost cried. guess who?
after we played almost everything at the dry park, we were served the buffet lunch. makan time. great. i
could not eat much. the crazy motions of the rides made me feel nauseous. vivian retired at the chair after our first teacup ride. poor her. oh yes not to forget the rapids and the flum ride. my favourite rides of all.
after we had our lunch. we set off for the water park. yay! didnt get the bring camera that time, sad. the slides, the surf beach, the pool with waves. ah. Fun. it was such a tiring day, i can't feel my legs!

#2 the pirates ship. you can feel your heart at the level of your neck! the laryx get pushed downwards!

#3 Look! Phing's on top! for more info. go to venus M106 at

#4 my lovely batch. m106.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Port DickSON of the bridge

PD was our destination after reproductive exam! talkin about repro exam, i think i did well after the feedback. everytime i start a new system i tend to push myself to study consistently, but it'll gradually fade away. as a medical student, i am a terrible one now. but! i will be the best one day =)
pd is known for their filty beach with black sand. well thats what everyone says. no one cares. not even PD people. why not create a cleaner environment so that tourists will come to PD? not only PD, even my hometown. the Telok Chempedak beach is a disaster now. they keep renovating buildings at the area. stupid people. just makes it an eye-sore. i hate it!!! even my dad can think of building the biggest lighthouse in malaysia. hehe. it was just a suggestion thou.

anyhow, our pd trip was about taking pictures, emo'ing at the beach, bbq'ing in the house, and bridging the whole night, morning, and noon... hurray ! this is what i like. to laze around not doing anything.
i love bbq. the chicken wings, the lamb. our chocolate banana. and the ever tasty bbq'ed marsh mallow! ah.. crispy on the outside and slimy creamy on the inside! heaven~
and the Bridge game. it is a card game of 4 people. and we're suppose to find our partner by looking at the cards or facial expression. its tough. but its addictive!
that night. some of us played bridge, some of us played 'wu kuai' and some talk ghost stories in the room. Caryn had a dare, and she had to kiss me! muaxmuax. haha.

#1 random pic
shes kissing him!

  • #2 New : Hanying's pillow she calls it teardrop. say hi to teardrop. its always in naomi's bedroom. so yeah whoever wants to meet teardrop u can drop by. but leong hugs it before he takes his shower. =.=

  • #3 from left:this is caryn. shes so nice! she loves to draw and shes really good at it ye know.ching. vivian who is like a mummy to us. so caring, so helpful.shes the secretary of venusm106.;) and thats thazin, the super fit girl who does rock climbing; u should see her biceps. woho!

  • #4 the girl in pink is Han Ying.she has the brains really. she's queen of chess and pingpong.i think no one in imu can beat the girl in black is diana she loves talking and shopping. hmm. we're the shopping kakis plus naomi!

  • #5 from left: thats victor who is my housemate. ive known him since college. he is such aa gentleman.helps me without any thought. right. then theres yam yau, we call him yam because he loves to see girls and talk about them. we call him acne yau and he is so chinese. leong who is also my housemate. his gf(diana) is 2 doors away from his apartment and both of them are pretty. hah. and thats leang.

  • #6 the sweet couple. its leang and vivian! leang the joker.

  • #7 My Housemates. the gays. ;p what to do. one so pretty, the other so gentle.

  • #8 Naomi wearing the cap! shes the best. shes crazy, u will never ever be more crazier. lol. . hanying, me and thazin.

  • #9 shh. all crammed up in one bed? of course. theres 9 girls and only 2 beds. aaaa!

  • #10 The guys bbq'ing.

  • #11 the girls inside waiting for food while watching tv. thanks guys. we love u. muacks!