Saturday, January 31, 2009


Went to watch this musical.. it was amazing.. loved it! the main actress was fantastic, and energetic throughout the whole play.. !

WHAT A FEELING!!! the famous song of this musical.. :D


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It was snowing in Liverpool!
and it was so thick !
im so happy!!!!!!

It lasted about 30 minutes :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

After Christmas - Vienna

Wien(Vienna), Austria - about -4degree Celcius.
The city of art, music, theatre, and opera.
The city within the ring.

We arrived here by a minivan, which I hired through the internet. costs, 31pounds each.
So much more worth if we were to get a train ticket, which will costs about 50 pounds each.

The famous Wien Sacher torte(Chocolate cake) 5 pounds for a piece! simply irresistable...

a neo gothic style building.

Austria's Parlament.

Did'nt manage to go inside any of this buildings. No entry. lol.
But they're so stylish!

This is inside the huge Hofburg Palace,
where currently is home to the President of Vienna. It belonged to rulers of Vienna long time ago.

where Orchestras and Operas are being held here daily, with different set of songs everyday!
Different songs daily!... wonder how they practice... wonder how many orchestra teams are there...

The view at the top of the stage hall.

The stage, and the back drop which is changed daily as well.

''Konzerte im Mozarthaus''.
Hehe, and we went to watch a quartet at night. YAY! costs 25EUROS for students.

It was held at ''Mozart House'', which is the oldest concert hall in Vienna where Mozart used to work and play for a Bishop.
The walls of the little room were decorated with floral paintings. so pretty. sigh i wish i was one of the violinist :D only Han Ying knows how to play violin in our group. hmph! jealous!

The quartet were brilliant. Especially the first violin player, Lucy Hall. She had the skill and also the charm, she played with so much expression, that i think everyone was only staring at her.

They played the works of
Mozart's including
The Allegro di Molto in Dmajor, Presto, and Andante
J.S.Bach - his famous 'AIR'. so perfect.... I wanted to cry when this song was played. ;~~

The 2nd day in Vienna, we visited Schonbrunn Palace.
The home of the Habsburg during summer ,powerful rulers of Vienna long ago:)

So cold that the pond became ICE! the surface at least.... so we tried to break thru it. heeee...

Me and Han Ying went to visit the so-called fun ''House of Music''. But we didnt manage to play much at the end cause of time restriction , so sad...

I manage to conduct an orchestra though! I think maybe its from Wii. lol. so fun.
all i can say is dont come to this place, if u have no interest in Music.

We went to another performance on the 2nd night! kena conned into watching it kinda. We should have watched the opera performance in Staats Opera Haus.
The Quartet here was ok, i didnt have much fun watching here. No expression one!
But lucky there were opera singing, and ballet performances as well..:)

Me and Jiun at the concert.

The Naschmarkt.
like their own Pasar Pagi.

All kinds of things are sold here!!! like really second hand or really old stuff..
Jiun bought a shoe for 7 pounds, and the base of the shoes came off the next day... =.= cheaters..

Nyam nyam! All sorts of food were sold here as well, like kebabs, sausages, Strudels, and really huge plain bread.. for a reasonable price!

Vienna... the city within the ring, because much of their attractions and shopping streets are located within a small region.. and there are trams which takes us along the circumference of the ring..
I love Vienna because of its Culture.. *dreams of becoming an artist*

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Prague-Vienna-Salzburg-Budapest trip.

Hey ya, it's been a long while since i posted anything up. I am so lazy to upload photos.. and also with the busy holidays, and the last-minute work on my Critical Thinking Module which is finally done! Now i'm free, i feel so light, not having anything to do in a rush. Electives forms sent to Malaysia, and to Singapore, i have to wait for my health insurance to be done first. mm... Formatives are coming up, formatives with the first years -.- and third years. aaah! OSCE!

PRAGUE, Czech Republic.

23rd December 2008 -
Flight from Newcastle to Prague.

It was already night time when we reached our hostel. oh and when we were trying to find our hostel, we randomly asked this group of ppl which so happened to be Malaysians! what are the coincidence.!!! great.
Anyway we had nothing to do but to just walk around the town, looking at the christmas decorations which was lovely!
We stayed at Hostel A plus (
Na Florenci 33
110 00 Praha 1, Praha, Czech Republic

I would recommend this place if u'planing to go to Prague, but the other hostels might be good as well. but its alright here. 3 days 2 nights - 16 pounds, worth it ey. and its about 5-10 mins walk from the Old Town Square, which is where it is the most happening lah.

Hostel A plus

Intro: from top left: NAOMI, YAU, JIUN, CHING.

Winter trees have their own beauty.

On the 1st day 24th of December, CHRISTMAS EVE !!! Most of the tourist spot were closed:(


It was the beautiful buildings that we admired.
Ching Li in front of the apparently famous Christmas Market in the old town of Prague, But to me, it was smaller than any other christmas markets i've seen so far. ceh!
Haha there was a donkey at the christmas market, busuk!

''KISS MY ASS?'' replied the donkey

The Astronomical Clock.
It is the clock of all times, because it shows everything except the shows the month, n the position of the sun and moon.

It will portray some weird movements hourly; like weird sculptures moving in a circle, and a skeleton somewhere will shake, or something like that. Not sure what it really means.

and the maker of this clock got blinded, cos the king didnt want the maker to make another clock. selfish guy.

There will be a huge crowd every hour in front of this clock, funny. There is a clock at the tower of this building by the way.

Me and Jiun. At the nicest view of the baroque style Prague Castle.

the famous historical bridge that crosses the Vltava River with 30, mostly baroque statues and statuaries at the sides of the bridge.
It was so over-crowded with tourists during winter!! i wonder what its like in SUMMER!
and it was under construction. apa ni!
But it was pretty. Love it. with the statues and all.

On Charles Bridge, getting the view of the churches in Lesser Town.

This is most famous statue at the bridge. It is called ''St John of Nepomuk''.
And if u touch this statue, it will bring u good luck! haha. as u can see, the bottom part of this statue.. its like shiny.. cos of everyone's touch!

A boat ride along Vltava River. Worth it.
Everone bought hot dog after a tiring day. delicious!

they used to make powder here. ...
Gun power, not talcum powder ! Some man hanged himself !!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
RIP, mate.

2nd day 25th December MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!

Visit to the Prague Castle, Lesser town, and the museums. and souvenir shopping!

Posing again.

St Vitus Cathedral, inside Prague Castle.
a Roman Catholic cathedral, containing the tombs of the bohemian Kings.
The most beautiful cathedral i've ever seen in my life, really. not joking.
the Gothic style of this cathedral.... really really amazing real life. god!

the side view of St Vitus Cathedral.

Intricate stained glass inside the cathedral.

Tired. sitting at the tourist information centre before our Christmas dinner!

We had no more money.
The night view. the christmas tree was so pretty u know! and this church behind called Lady before Tynn Church, was lit up at night... huah.... really helplessly beautiful.


and I think, it is so beautiful, that it is everyone's favourite destination. and because of that, it is ridiculously over-crowded with tourists, from all over. We don't see much Czech people on the streets, but more Asian and British people. Only in souvenir shops do we see them, and oh my, they are not that friendly, sometimes can even scold u if u come to their shop and leave without buying anything. But ... it was worth coming here. :)


Food in Prague

Roasting Pork at the christmas market. this is gooooooood with mustard. ah!

The traditional Prague food.
Top right: Goulash with beef and bread dumplings, the famous prague food. Bottom: Bread and potato dumplings with pork.

Christmas dinner at Zahrada B Opere.

Christmas MAIN MEAL:
Roasted turkey breast with chestnut stuffing, foie grass served with potatoes duchesse, peas with mint and carrot, vichy, with Christmas spices.

We went to watch BLACK LIGHT THEATRE.

The cats were so cute!

I thought it was really the musical ''CATS''. but it was actually just some play with lights and a black background. hehe. but it was surprisingly cute and funny. creative play.