Friday, February 27, 2009

Milano, Italia 20 - 23.02.09

Hey guys, every time i post up something new i will be saying the same thing "i am so lazy to blog" :D but this time i will be telling u about my MILAN trip!
my weekend trip after formatives. thought we could get a break from our books.
Sharmaine and I in the bus heading from Bergamo airport, Milan to Stazione Centrale (central station). have to take picture in the bus of course! kiss kiss!

before finding a taxi to our hostel, we were too hungry. i was so hungry aka hypoglycaemic ! wanted to drop dead.. our last meal was at lunch time 2pm. and when we reached it was about 9pm! have to makan makan.
so we stopped by this restaurant, looks like a food court in which u have to self-order many types of pastas and they have rice as well, and i saw some curry chicken there. nyam nyam! but i should eat something italiano.
Makan time!
We reached our hostel at 10.30pm. everyone exhausted from the journey. we splitted into 2 rooms, 6 person (4 girls 2 guys) and 4 person(4 guys). shh we did something naughty, we booked 9 person. :P so 3 girls had to share a double-sized bed.
Our first walk out to the streets of Milano! this is Corso Marzo street.

As usual, Troy will be in the photos in awkward places -.-
we went to eat Gelato, the Italian famous ice cream! This one here tasted like raspberry. There is crazily alot of flavours. theres Chocolate, coconut, coffee, melone, lemon, mint, peach, pistachio, strawberry, banana, hazelnut, kiwi etc.. BEST!

First day Saturday 21/2/09
Ate breakfast in BarLei Cafe, right next to our hostel, in which we have already paid for the breakfast included in the hostel rent. i was hoping for an italian breakfast buffet with ham, sausages, eggs.. HMPH! and look what we've got. ....

. but ...

oh! loved it! will start eating some croissants now... :D
At the cafe house..
and then our journey to visit Milanzzz!
We walked to the city centre for 30 minutes... thought we could see the streets of Milan...
Saw some beautiful churches and monuments.. left Piazza Giornate, right Santa Maria del Suffragio..
and then to the awaited DUOMO...
DUOMO, 1386 the 3rd largest cathedral in the world, and took 500 years to build it!
it is really beautiful, with the really fine skilled architecture.. i wonder how they built it with the little technology in the past.
Piazza del Duomo (Duomo square) ...
Inside the cathedral, admission free! hee...
but in to get to the roof top, we had to pay 5 Eur
os for the stairs and 8 Euros to use the lift. noway i'm gonna take the lift, so sien.... and also more ex.:P
so we walked up 200 steps! it was like a never-ending spiral staircase. felt dizzy when i reached the top.
Think Yang kifi would like it. right yang? :)
and then another flight of stairs the the very top top top! scared!!! i hate heights... why am i so afraid of heights all of a sudden?... i remembered it did not bother me at all when I was little *SIGH*
The very top of DUOMO! weee!!

Pictures at the roof top of Duomo! a must-go spot in Milan.. ok?
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II at night ....
right beside Duomo. it is a pretty shopping mall..

Louis Vuitton! and the famous floor inside the Galleria. haha. kidding..
Via Montenapoleone. One of the streets of the famous Quadrilatero d'Oro. the rectangle of shopping streets.. all the famous crazy brands are along these streets!
We went to Brera District - one of the oldest town in Milan eat lunch..
Italian lunch .. haha. the pizza with ham-topping.:)
Next stop for me is.... SAN SIRO aka Meazza stadium .. AC and Inter Milan's ! Went there with Victor.. he is a crazy fan of AC...
The scary lonely walk to the stadium. why oh why?!
The 3rd largest stadium in the world :) with 85k seats. comparing to Anfield's Stadium 40k.
Went for the tour inside the stadium for 10 Euros.. quite worth it i would say..
the seats are coloured.. Inter Milan's fans are to sit at the left which have green seats. AC milan's fans are to sit at the right with the blue-coloured seats. so funny. 2 clubs sharing one stadium. VIPS were in a shaded area in the middle with white seats..

look at this and compare to AC Milan's changing room later...

AC MILAN's Changing room is so pretty!!

decorated in black and red... their colours..
and guess who's seat am I sitting on??

KAKA! the cute, unstoppable,midfielder of ACMILAN.! I could smell his sweat! -.-!
Victor, the AC Milan supporter, and InterMilan suckass.?
Dinner at Dai Damn, which was recommended in the Milan guide book. but when we got there, It has a different name. and they said the book was written 4 years ago, and the name of Dai Damn has changed to..... crap. i forgot....
Some red wine to accompany the delicious pizzas.
And then the dessert............ Profiterol Scuro..
see the picture and see the real plate... Turns out they gave us 2 bebola only! GRR! but nevermind.super delicious tasty chocolaty hurray yum yummy!!
More desserts..
Next day... SUNDAY 22/2/09 GOOD MORNING! we woke up abit later than we thought we should. great... wasting time! cannot! Took the train to Corso Magenta. one of the oldest street in Milan.. where they said to go.. but turns out... nothing also! at least we saw the church with Leonardo da Vinci's last supper painting!
Santa Maria delle Grazie. The famous church because they display "The Last Supper". but u know what... u have to book at least 2 weeks in advanced to get to see the paintings..
i knew about it... but forgot to ask the rest.. whether to book it or not... damn! stupid me! once inside u only get to look at the painting for 15 minutes! and for quite an expensive price.. hmm...

so sad, didnt get to see the original painting:( will come to Milan to see u again!

Joanne and I.. infront of an old Monastery..

In front of the Castello Sforzesco ( Sforza Castle) .... converted from Austrian governa residency into a castle full of museums...

Inside the castle... it was built as a fort..

behind this castle is a huge park called Parco Sempione... it was a spot where they had military training in the past.

There was a carnival in the park! and 10 of us played this game! hhaha... memories.. :) i lost..
Situation: Naughty guys climbing trees.... Aaron and Daniel the bully... Troy couldnt get up the tree...
and then Troy cried... :(~~~~ awww poor thing...... Aaron and Daniel laughing their ass off..

Our last dinner.... wanted to try the japanese restaurant near our hostel.
We tried Japanese food in MILAN
the waitress was talking to us in Japanese.. then Italian.. all of us blur...
and then half way thru taking orders...she asked us where are from.. and we answered Malaysia. and she suddenly spoke mandarin... !!! haha! all of us super shock and relieve because we could speak something that is familiar.. aiyo.. we had so much trouble talking in sign language. haha!

My Bento :D with everything! nyam!!!
I am a malay girl.... look like ah?
The Barlei Cafe next to our hostel where we ate our breakfast everymorning. it was closed on Monday, our last day here. didn't get to take a pic with the bartender inside.. :(
They said our pictures will be up on their website wer.....
The last picture in Milan.
Every1 kept disturbing Aaron and his hair. He cut his hair here in Milan! and it turned out Mohican's style.. haha.

Sekian, Thank you.
I would like to thank something that helped me alot in this trip....

MILAN Tourist guide & Information BOOK!

Thank you!

Tips in Milan:
1. Stay at Hostel Diablo! =) not bad..
2. Try the GELATO!
3. Keep ur belongings properly... especially in crowded metro trains.
4. Get the Travel pass, only cost 5.50 for 48 hours.
5. Go for San Siro stadium tour:)
6. I went with 10 people. and i thought it would be tough! but no! it was so much fun:) love u guys!

Hostel EL DIABLO . cool name eh..