Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Victor's and Aaron's

The Tavern Co. Mexican BBQ

Sharmaine, me and Birthday boys Victor and Aaron :)

Avier, Claud, Danny.

Flora & Joanne.

The three musketeers.

Avier, Dan, Joanne, Sharm, me, Aaron,
Shawn, Flora, Victor, WenWei, Troy, Claud.

May you have a blessed adulthood ahead.:)

Make sure u be more mature next year.
kidding la.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


It's not The kebab house we're going to by the way. hahaha. It's the one beside it we're going to.
We were at a Halloween Party in Baa Bar, Fleet Street.
but when we reached, we had to wait in this long stupid Queue! ARGH! and we were freaking late already!

Inside, it was sooooooooooo crowded!
there were Singaporeans, Hongkong, Malaysians and Thai people. cos it was a merged Halloween party. but there were other 'kuai lous' also. here and there..

It looks fun.. but it was too crowded, no place to put our coats and bags also. HMPH!
But just the thought of dressing up and looking funny, it's the fun of it !

I was dressed up as a Green Doll. :)

Pretty Sharmaine as Black Angel but she took off her hairband, and Cute Ai Ai as a Devil!

Sweetie Joanne as an Egyptian Princess.

This is Francesca as a Scary French maid. She's Lishan and HuiLin's Housemate. So nice of her to join us for Halloween.

Luv Luv.

Ushank and Rochana were here with us too! they came from Preston:).
Jody. Sharmaine.

Claud, Jo, Troy, Daniel, Aaron.



This is Pretty Helen from Hongkong! Nice wig ey!?

Best Costume of the day.
''Stewie'' from Family Guy. =.= Damn cute!

Muah!!! Lishan and Huilin in pic. Didn't take one with them alone.:(

HOOOOO....just pictures will be enough right?