Saturday, February 27, 2010

Reflective 26 Feb

Today's the END of my 12-week MEDICINE rotation :(


2 weeks of Acute Med, Elderly Care, Respiratory, and Endocrine
1 week of Gastro, Stroke, Cardiology, and Dermatology/Rheumatology.

Best one I had was Acute Med in CDU. It was before Christmas holidays and I was in the hospital wards day and night, it was so fun! dont know what's fun but.. yeah... it was 2 crazy weeks. I think its because of one of the consultants there who was really nice and good-looking ( like some Bollywood superstar! ) was keen in teaching us during the ward rounds. And also the other doctors, really really lovely people! Gosh, i was that enthusiastic. It does make a difference in my life, makes me really wanna be an a&e specialist, surgery or medicine ! :P
The rest of the rotations were quite dull, going to the wards and clerking a specific history to be signed of in my portfolio. blablabla.... balblabla...
Ended my rotation with a 3-hour clinic in Rheumatology CLinic today! Which was AMAZING. Ze best clinic I ever had. Intense and so much to see! Saw patients with long standing Rheumatoid Athritis, patients with Sjogren's, patients with OsteoAthritis with the Herberden and Bouchard's nodes, also seronegative inflammatory athritis, psoriatic athritis, and enteropathic ones. gosh ....and the Reg was superrr efficient and knowledgable. hmm!

Dermatology was quite fun as well, but quite dull after a while, just get to see rashes all day long, but its easy peasy. The consultant I was with was a gadjet freak although he's like in his 50s.. He had his Ipod playing classical music on his portable speaker, softly while his clinic was running, his room was light up with lamps, yellow light, soothing room. He had his iphone for us to meddle with to find information about skin diseases, also his tablet laptop. okok enough. Oh, and precious fountain pens, in which he can spend 65 pounds each! how rich a dermatologist is! :D
Ok.. urmmm.... Cardiolody was quite fun, Got to know more about ECGs :) Stroke week was one of my favourites Neuro. :)
Ok lah, I found the rest of the weeks quite boring :P

Conclusion, i Don't like Geriatrics Medicine :(

Next rotation,


4 weeks of madness!!
just hope i wont get HEADACHESSSSS....
like what i had last year when i did psychiatry.

Dont know what SSM to choose to do in JULY.. either a case-report of a emergency neurology and have to go into the hospital to get teaching..
or just stay home and read about tropical med and do literature review on it..
donnnntttt knowwww!!!! I would like to have some teaching clinically... just cause one month of not learning anything is just boring.. but one month of slacking also quite fun.. damnit.. whatttt....

cant wait to go home :( 29th july i hope... but need to finish finals first... pass pass pass pas passssss!!!

CNY pictures....

Crazy and non-existent attention span?
Nah... wrong.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


today i dreamt..

that i played piano and sang on stage in front of thousands of people.

and my best friend was Avril Lavigne.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year


Happy new year!. Its 2010 year of the TIGER!

To my dear family, and friends back in Malaysia,
have a prosperous year and a healthy life ahead :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Missing you.

Stole this pic from fren's fb.
Am not in this pic though!

Mr Gino,
You taught me how to dance since I was seven, you were strict, but you were the best Ballet teacher ever.
I will always remember you, your jokes, your stories, your moody mood, the classes, and the extra classes when ballet exams were near.
May God Bless You.
Rest In Peace.

Because of You,

I love Dancing...


My Passion for Dancing lives with me forever.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Wonder whether should I cut my hair really short ???
or keep it long...

I hate the length now.. its not short, and its not long...

Cut like Halle Berry maybe? Hee.hee.

Keep long first lah :)

Monday, February 08, 2010

Belfast Jan'10

Dancer Jay, I, Pretty Caryn, Funny Jeng, Cutie LayPing.

Lay Ping and I were the visitors to the lovely Belfast. :)
visiting the awesome gang in Belfast.

Managed to eat this super big Salmon Deluxe Sandwich, which was heaven..

and went to the famous 'The CHOCOLATE ROOM' .

Look at the really cute shapes of chocolate! .. and the 2 quid Black Hot Chocolate.. which was as thick as...... my hair.. haha wtf. dunno wat to compare to lah. but it was absolutely deeelll.. plus it was snowing makes it even more necessary. :D

City Hall of Belfast and the Belfast EYE!
gawd.. and now ....we have ''eyes'' in every country..

Snow like crazy.. BLIZZARDDDDYYYY..

Kesian la this piggie..
but didnt go to waste.
cos when u put stuffingz.. and the apple sauce with the roast pork! .....

you will see ching li eating it happily .

i managed to finish the whole biggg thing!


Diet FAIL.

i wanna be like this guy. sit there and sing like nobody's business.

Albert Clock.
It is actually slighted senget'ed.
Famous for fat prostitutes leaning over the clock, so it got abit one sided....
Reallllyyy!!!!! go see wiki.

The must-jump hill pic.

Belfast Castle.
and the garden, in which u have to find 16 figures of cats around the garden.
omg.. we only managed to find 8.....

The spiral stairs of the Belfast Castle.
dan puteri-puteri yang cantik bersinarnya. lol

Dominoes for dinner. Plan was to eat dominoes.. watch a movie.. and catch some drinks later at the famous bar. but the dominoes made everyone sleepy!! grr...

to be continued....
*more pics from Giant's Causeway*

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Girls Rules, Guys Drools.

I Want this boots!!!!
Looks rugged while being stylish..
love it!
but.. $$$

Marlon Work Boot, £95, OFFICE.

nice rightttt..?