Friday, May 30, 2008

Matching Results.

I spent the whole day thinking of the Matching results. couldnt even concentrate on one note for 10 secs. so i spent the whole morning in elab, surfing, reading stuff, anything besides studying. everyone was gila anxious. the silly thing is the results is gonna be released at 2.30pm in the afternoon. fulamak. what are we supposed to do before that? wait patiently? grr... wasted my whole morning after PBL doing nothing...

when the finally awaited time came, at 2.20pm, have'nt 2.30pm wey !! i saw the rush of all my batch mates going to AAD. wanted to take a pic of their 'kan cheong' faces. but didnt get to. wasted!

Finally got to open the envelope. not all had their first choices though
Naomi - University of Glascow.
Yau - University of Leeds.
Han Ying - University of Edinburgh
Kevin and Victor - University of Eberdeen
Let's all go to UK! yay!

happy girl where're u going.............?

University of LIVERPOOL!!


I have mixed feelings right now. i am soo happy that i got my first choice which is LIVERPOOL. but on the other hand i'm abit sad that Jiun got his first choice which is Glascow. but it is what he wants. so im happy for that too. so now i have super mixed
Glascow is up north.. Southern part is London.and Liverpool is in the middle . ;)

Will be doing my clinical years in Liverpool with Sharmaine, Troy, and Swarna(not sure). and some seniors from the previous batch, must go find out who are they.

Hope everyone's happy to where they're matching to. Let me just type some ppl i know.

Congrats y'all!

University of Adelaide - Geoffrey, Yee Pei, Ming Lin, Vijaya

UNSW - Ye Min, Yee Yoon

UWA - Ziyunn

University of Newcastle - Kabilan, Fiona

University of Tasmania - Leang, Eugene Lim

University of Melbourne - Thuan Tzen, Raymond, Wennie, Kiryu, Mei Cheng

Universiry of Liverpool - Ching li, Sharmaine, Troy

University of Leeds - Yau, Thazin, Arthika

University of Southampton - Brendan, Diana Norma, Diana Pat, Hong Xiang, Rochana, Ushank, Alimin.

University of Glasgow - Lieo Jiun, Naomi, Sree, Stephanie, Zakhir

University of Edinburgh - Khek Tjian, Han Ying, Calvin Loh, Fish, Poh Peng

University of Eberdeen - Kevin, Victor, Kien Wei, Trance.

University of Manchester - Angelene, Lily, Siti, Ngie Chang, Min, Rochana, Ushank.

University of Dundee - Chun Seng, Vivian, Anne, Jia Yu, Hwei Wan.

University of Auckland - Li Shan, Kee Ping, James, Chong Yu , Han Chung, Kin Chern, Swarna, Kelvin Ngan, Bee Ling.

University of Otago - Beh, MuiHow

University of Dalhousie - Tenni, Aditya

University of Belfast, Queens - Caryn

University of Liverpool. I hope i like it there. mmm...

Christchurch of Liverpool is seen in the centre. from here the city looks nice right?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fruit tree

This is "Bee'', my fatty hamster whom Vic and Leong calls 'fatfat' .
Bee is still living in her colourful cage. i think she misses 'Tee' somehow. ;( sorry for losing Tee. she was so hyper running here and running there till one day, i could'nt find her. sigh.sorry.
anyway it was about less than 1 year ago.
now lets be happy! Bee is turning a year soon.. June 9th.!

love u bee! where should i put u when i leave Vista? oh no!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Jogoya buffet!

Jogoya's buffet has always been my craving post-exam period. mainly cos i wana give myself a treat after such a stressful and no play week before CNS. we were really looking forward to this big meal man..
my god....
20 of us went. we had this VIP seats from a friend that permits us to 5 people with the price of 4.
jealous? ;p but it was still so expensive. we paid RM78 while the original price is about RM90++..

this is half of the people who came. another table beside us. lalala we had our own room!

Continously grabing all kinds of food i can see so i can really spend all the money, if not tak worth it right....i think i tasted almost every recipe there. from sushis, to seafood to all kinds of meat to claypots to baskin robbin's icecream to white wine+sake! sososososo bloody satisfied, until u wanna vomit . hee. i got home, wanting to sleep after the free flow of white wine, but i was so full, so uncomfortable la!

as usual Naomi will be taking all the expensive food, like abalones and ice cream cos she said ''must eat what i paid! '' u know.. with her squeaky voice. and Aditya with his jakuness, everything he sees he'll be so amazed by it. and Jiun over-eating, and also DianaGanny tasting every food she can...Sree non-stop talking..and oh, and Cheng Jun, he is so good at drinking, he drank i think about 10 glasses of white wine, wtf crazy fella, without getting tipsy. beat that!

the claypot, u haveta cook it urself at ur table. thats fish! i dono what fish ;(

oh, my miserable lobster. u taste so goooooddd..

i put this up mainly because of the decorations. it doesnt taste as good as u see it. which reminds me, the brownie at 'Delicious' in Bangsar.............. omg..

me, rachel, szewei, diana, naomi, jamie( yau's gf) . guess where is this ? who can guess give u a kiss!

a unique one, this wheel ... u have to spin the wheel in order to get water !

Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol Season 7

IMU student lounge television . '' and the winner goes to..... DAVID.....!!!! ...''

David COOK !!

Finally, the best Season of American Idol is over.


Cheers to the contestants who worked hard, and gave fantastic performances.

Cook hugging his brother and mum. it seems that he did'nt even thought of auditioning. his brother was the one who wanted to. but he got forced .. by .. i also dono..

With both davids in the finals, David Cook and David Archuleta its like ... u really cannot predict who is gonna be the american idol. Both Davids were my favourite since Top 24. cook first then archie. i remembered Cook singing '' Happy Together'' and Archie on stage with '' Mama Told Me''. They were superb. i liked Jason Castro too. But he got boring after a while.

The finals show was not what i expected from Cook;( He did not do as well as archie. but.. archie still amazes me evrytime! no words to describe that. Arch took all three rounds from which Simon said was a knockout. But after looking back at the recording, Simon apologized to Cook for commenting quite harshly on him. hohoho! but honestly, i agree with Simon. The finals should be better than this!! Cook shld have sang his ''Billie Jean or ''Always be my baby!!!

First song:
Clive Davis Pick

David Cook -
“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2
David Archuleta -
“Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” by Elton John

Second Song
Songwriters Contest
David Cook - “Dream Big”
David Archuleta -
“In This Moment”

Third Song
Personal Choice
David Cook - “The World I Know” by Collective Soul
David Archuleta -
“Imagine” by John Lennon

LOOK !! for the first time! A boxing match between the hairy one and the hairless one. haha!

David Cook i love him. will u always be my baby. Will u marry me? -_-

David Archuleta.. i'll always remember u, the boy next door. Ur sincere smile, ur innocence, ur everything. I adore u.

The results show was fantastic. I have new favourite band! called Jonas brothers! they're SOOO brutally and utterly cute! hah!

Jonas Brothers! Joe is the one in the middle!


David cook!

im so happy!

Me and fellow American Idol fans in student lounge who all supported Achuleta, everyone hated me after that cause i was the only one with Cook. HUAHAHA. but i was sad for archie too, i cried. how emo..

Look at Ellice and Kajen with their cute archuleta banners. !

Sunday, May 18, 2008

( No Title)

CNS exam was quite a happy ending for me. i did well! hopefully an A.
6 weeks time will be our Final exam in IMU Bkt Jalil =(
about 300 lecture notes in 6 weeks.
how the hell to finish?
cant even start now. no stress. cant start.
die.. help me...
see u in 2 months time..
nobody reads my blog anyway, except me.
mmuax me!

Han Ying's birthday in her house. We played Mafia the whole night. loved it.