Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Life has been what 20 something year old people think about, especially after they graduate.
To follow their dream.

Happy Valentine's 2012.
and I'm single and happy :)
Welcome to my world.
Impossible is Possible.
Let's fly to France.
Let's save the world together.
Let's follow our dream.
Don't give up.
Think Positive. POSITIVE
Live life to the fullest.
Life is short.
And amazing.
Thank you God. For giving me this life.
It is incredible.
RIP Whitney:( I love you, I love your songs. Really. Truly. I cried.
Pain. Hurts. Rain.
I miss Malaysia. I need the sun. Not the frost. Why suffer?
I miss home. I miss my family.
I miss the FOOD!
I hate work. Work is dead. life's dead.
Sleep work eat.
Work's been fine.
It's been 6 months.
I'm feeling great.
Just the same.
Same mind same brain no change.
Not learning. but learning.
No study.
That's fine.
No exams.
Exam's next time.
Desperate to go home to work.
Live in a European country.
Desperate housewives.
Gonna end.
So is House.